The training plan

Today again felt like a winter morning. When you wake up and it feels like minus 10 celsius outside, despite the sunny day, it is hard not to feel a bit let down. Needless to say there was no morning ride today and golf was postponed to a nicer day. Why shell out money to go out and freeze to death. The forecast for tomorrow is about the same with an afternoon high of 9 decrees. I still hope to get out for some sort of ride anyhow. Sadly my ride with an old friend was put off for now but hopefully we reconnect soon!

Today I have been really thinking about the training plan, and kind of looking forward to getting into that groove. If you have been following my posts you know that May 1, 2013 is the anticipated departure date, so it seemed fitting to use this May 1st as the kick off to the real training and conditioning.

The plan on may 1st is to start doing a minimum of 25km before work and 25km after work. I plan to make this my “morning commute” since I work about a 2 minute walk from home and have no necessity to bike to work. I really do miss my times in Vancouver when the 14km bike ride to work took half the time of taking public transit. Every day rain or shine I biked the beautiful route to and from work. For those that do cycle-commute I am sure you can agree that it is the best way to wake up and get alert, and the best way to clear your mine after work. I cannot wait to have that time again just to relax, bike and get everything¬† in order inside my head.

A daily 50km will certainly help the training, this will be 250km per week on weekdays. In addition I want to at least do 1 day trip per weekend that will end up in the 100km range. On weekends where we can find a dogsitter Julie and I will likely take advantage and do a weekend trip with a camping sleepover to hone the camping / cooking skills. If we can get in 350km per week it will take 14 weeks to reach our goal of 5000km this summer. At current my GPS tells me I have completed 315 kilometers since March 7th. I think this is an attainable goal but it is going to require much personal discipline. I really cannot allow myself too many “breaks” where I take a morning or an evening off. Even miserable weather I am going to have to suck it up and go bike. Crossing Canada we are not going to have much luxury to skip a day die to rain. With our travel plan we can afford about 1 day off per week to recover, rest, shop and do some laundry.

This training plan will be in effect to the end of October at least, and longer weather permitting. By my count that gives us 26 weeks or so to reach the big 5000km (and hopefully surpass this). In the fall we will reassess all of this and likely join the gym for the winter to continue conditioning and take up a weight training program to fully prepare for 2013!

So until the next entry please hope for some nice weather for me for Sunday! I think my next entry will talk about my next vacation with Julie on June 2nd where we will be going on a 7-9 day trip on 2 wheels! More on that next time. Thanks for reading!

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