Training Summary April 30th to May 6th

Sorry for the lack of blog in the past few days! Things were hectic at work and Sunday was time for some birthday celebrations and quality time with Julie. As a complete side note to my blog Amaluna, the new Cirque du Soleil show is absolutely heart warming, visually stimulating, and if you have the change to get tickets, or an amazing wife who gets you good seats for your birthday, please go and see this show!

First and foremost, here is a great link to the trails that I refer to most often. There are maps for purchase too but the trails are really well marked and map is not required:

Monday April 30th:

AM – Biked 30km – Round trip to Dorval (park Summerlea) Sunny morning but cool.

PM – Biked 26km – Canal and rapids loop with Julie. Overcast and 15-20km winds.

Tuesday May 1st:

AM – Biked 35km- Round trip to Dorval (park Summerlea) plus a bit. Heavy rain and tailwind traveling east. Heading west strong headwind and moderate heavy rain.

PM – Biked 23.5km- Rapids to Aqueduct entrance in Lasalle and home along aqueduct. Light rain very misty. Muscles tired and some pain from sore knees.

Wednesday May 2nd:

AM- Biked 26km Rapids to Lachine canal loop. Very foggy morning mist accumulated on sunglasses! Sore knees, stopped to adjust seat height en route.

PM- Spent the day suffering from sore knees due to an improperly adjusted seat. Took the night off to rest knees. Lesson learned!

Thursday May 3rd:

AM- Biked 30km Round trip to Dorval (park Summerlea). 20km winds from the East to west. Overcast but nice morning ride. Knees feeling better, leg muscles tired but I can feel them getting stronger.

PM- Biked 25km with Julie Lachine canal / rapids loop. Fairly calm weather, some winds but managable. Knees forgave me for earlier indiscretions 🙂

Friday / Saturday May 4-5:

Sadly no cycling. Centre Greene garage sale took all my energy for 2 days. I was hopeful for a ride after work Saturday but was falling asleep on my feet and felt like I would be a danger to others and myself on 2 wheels. Got some well deserved rest.

Sunday May 6th

AM- Happy birthday to me!!! 30 km bike ride with Julie lachine canal to Summerlea park Dorval and return. Return trip heavy headwind from the east to west, some grinding gusts.

Statistics for the week:

228 km total, 10 hours and 24 minutes of cycling in 8 trips.

2 sore knees, tired muscles but feeling stronger by the day.

Total distance for the season 577km. Distance to goal (5000): 4423km

Goal for next week (May 7 to May 13):

1. Bike every day at least once per day.

2. Complete total kilometers of 250+.

3. Complete one day of 75km or more.

4. Blog 6/7 days.




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