Last few days posting hiatus ends… and St-Anne de Bellevue

First and foremost I extend my apologies for not posting sooner, things have been so hectic since last week. Between being super busy at work and trying to get some cycling in, as well as keeping up with day to day life there has been no time to post.

Last week I had to taper off on the cycling for a bit as I was busy at work setting up for, then hosting the Community Garage sale. Sunday was my birthday (happy birthday to me…) and Julie took me to Cirque du Soleil for “Amaluna” which was an amazing show. I also got a nice 30km ride in the morning, in all an active and adventurous day!

Monday I was back on 2 wheels and Julie was able to join me. We went for a “little ride” that brought us from our place to St-Anne de Bellevue. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the traffic was almost non-existent! We were able to maintain a great pace in this beautiful historic area. Following along the water in most parts there was a gentle breeze, but nothing too intense. Riding back the hunger started to set in and we were on the lookout for somewhere to eat.

Here is where a few lessons come in.

1. Distance cycling you need to eat before you are hungry. I know this sounds dumb but doing distances you are putting an incredible energy drain on your body. By the time you are feeling hungry you have likely depleted your energy reserves to the point that you are no longer able to cycle efficiently. If you are not carrying food the hunt is on for somewhere to eat.

2. Carry something to eat! We had brought a couple Cliff Bars on the trip and we enjoyed them overlooking the waterfront. These were great to boost the energy a bit before the return ride. Our mistake was not eating before leaving in the morning.

3. When you find a place to eat, stop and eat. We passed up a bakery in one village thinking we would find something else soon in the next little village area. Instead of stopping for a croissant or a breakfast we continued and found a deli. All sandwiches contained meat (not ideal for 2 vegetarians). Next we continue to the next area and ended up at Lachine. There was a few places, all Taverns that were serving…. 100% meat dishes, and at extortion rates to boot. Having known this we would have stopped earlier before we were super hungry and eaten. Julie settled for a bag of chips at the depanneur to hold until we got home.

These 3 lessons that we knew and ignored are going to be really important for our cross Canada trip as well as the June trip I blogged about earlier.

So at this point training is going well, and I am well on the way to reaching most of my weekly goals. We have bought yet more camping equipment and some cycling gear as well as the all-important fenders for these rainy day bike rides.

Having missed my morning ride today I am feeling really antsy and counting down the minutes on the clock until I can get out of here, change and take off on 2 wheels! I hope to have time to blog the rest of this week and will get back to some of the topics I previously mentioned for future blogs.

Until then thanks for reading and cycle safely!

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