As I write this there are 355 days until departure!

Today’s blog is going to be a shameless self promotion… the best kind!

For those that know me already are aware I am obsessed with bikes and cycling. 4 years ago I decided to incorporate this into my hobbies and hopefully make a bit of extra income from it. I did all the work and opened my own business, RetroVintage.

The original idea came from me seeing so many bikes out to the trash, and thinking that I could bring these bikes in, like a bicycle Sheppard, and repair them to give them a new life.This worked out alright but I quickly discovered a few things. 1- you can’t save them all. Some are out to the trash because they are just that. 2- so many bikes needed new parts and it got expensive to repair them and still make back any money from them. 3- department store bikes suck. I am sorry if you reader are riding one now, and I dont doubt it would be your last. Made in China and meant to last just long enough to surpass any implied warrantee on the sale. They are heavy, made from the lowest of low parts, shined up and sold to unsuspecting customers. As I always tell my clients “you can put makeup on a pig but… it’s still just a pig”, DO NOT BUY THEM. Spend a bit more for something durable and reliable.

As I did this I really wanted to specialize in retro and vintage bikes. My slogan “Bringing the past back to life” really sums it up. I wanted to re-introduce awesome bikes from the past and get them back into the bike scene. Old banana seat bikes, vintage cruisers, anything really as these bikes are awesome and I wanted to see more of them.

My business evolved over the years and now I have 2 main avenues with the bikes. I seek out really cool bikes in original condition. These are the survivors and I still get that rush when I see one that has survived 30, 40, 50++ years. Maybe this is a bike that a kid got for xmas and was the best present ever. Maybe it is the bike you rode to school every day after your paper route. Maybe it is the bike you rode out to see your crush for your first date. For me the history of these bikes really fascinates me. Sometimes I wish they could tell me stories of where they came from long before I was born. I have a couple from the 1940s and I bet they have seen so much in their lives.

Beyond the bicycles I also have an obsession for all things vintage. One visit to Julie and I and you will notice that there is very little modern in our place (besides the TV). As I am a collector I cannot pass up an awesome retro piece at a thrift store, garage sale, etc, so I “rescue” as much as I can. As a result I often have cool stuff up for sale on my site. These items also have a history of their own and it brings me back to a time when things were simpler, made to last, and would get passed down to future generations. Not like the IKEA garbage of this time where you make the mistake of looking at it and it breaks.

If you are interested in vintage bikes please have a peek at my site:
…and know that if you buy anything this year all of the money is going directly into our cross-canada fund. I ship stuff and deal locally for bikes, parts and vintage items.

Also if you are on facebook and want to stay in the loop on new items check me out at:

Thus ends my shameless plug! I am hopeful for time tomorrow and I will get back to cycling blogs and pick up on some previously mentioned topics. Until then thanks for reading and cycle safe.


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