Training summary May 7th to May 13th

Monday May 7th

AM – Biked 72.26 km from home to St Anne de Bellevue and back with Julie. Gorgeous day very minor winds near the water. Should have eaten before leaving. Definitely feel my legs are getting stronger as is my endurance. Was still going strong on the final stretch home

Tuesday May 8th

AM- Biked 25 km from home to the end of Lachine canal.  Heavy rain and winds coming from the South East meant a strong side wind all the way out and a side headwind back home. Picture rain being whipped in your face (or turn the shower up, get decked out in cycle gear, helmet, glasses, and fire the cold water in your face for 45 minutes. Nuff said.

Wednesday May 9th

Awful night of sleep and I would have been a danger on the path in the morning.

PM- Biked 30.3 km. Antsy from not biking in so long. Rapids path to canal, then to the end of lachine canal then home. No winds and clear cycling. Crushed my ride with 1:13:03 cycling time and a 25 kmph average time. Burned some fuel but if I were not pressed to get back I would have easily added 10 km to this ride.

Thursday May 10th

Though I intended to hit the path this morning for some reason (and I never do this) I stretched out on the couch and fell asleep. Woke up freezing and went back to bed.

PM- Biked 30.7 km to the Summerlea park in Dorval and return. Extreme headwind cycling west grinded me on the way out then sent me flying home. Felt like I was struggling for my motivation through being really tired and this grey weather. I am happy I got out and feel like my day is complete.

Friday May 11th

AM- Biked 26.7 km rapids loop to Lachine canal and back home. Misty and grey morning with minimal winds. As soon as I got home it cleared up and the sun came out!

Saturday and Sunday May 12, 13

Not feeling well, fighting off the start of a cold. Had a fever and decided to rest and listen to my body so I wouldnt get a full-fledged cold.

Statistics for the week:

184.94 km total, 9 hours 42 minutes of cycling in 5 trips.

1 long trip to St-Anne

1 cold caught and avoided before it got bad

Total distance for the season 761 km. Distance to goal (5000): 4238 km

Goal report from the week:

Goal for next week (May 7 to May 13):

1. Bike every day at least once per day. (incomplete, will carry forward to next week)

2. Complete total kilometers of 250+. (fell really short completing 184.94km)

3. Complete one day of 75km or more. (came really close with St-Anne de Bellevue 72.26)

4. Blog 6/7 days. (realizing that it is going to be hard to blog daily but will try to get more in!)

Goal for next week:

1. Bike every day at least once per day.

2. Complete total kilometers of 200+.

3. Complete at least 1 day trip on the weekend 75+km

4. Blog 4/7 days

5. Take some photos to use in the blog

6. Break the 1000km barrier for the season (1/5 of total)

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One thought on “Training summary May 7th to May 13th

  1. Lagos says:

    It is very hard to blog daily but Canada + Cycling = Amazing!

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