Trying to keep motivated and juggling a busy schedule

351 days to go!

The weather is getting consistently nicer and I am starting to really look forward to the June trip coming up in only a few weeks. I am also hopeful that I can make arrangements and do a 2-3 day trip on the upcoming long weekend! Sometimes if feels like our trip is forever away, but with the days, weeks, and months on the calendar lately flying by, I know the departure date will be upon us in no time!

One thing I have found really tough is since May 1st I have been trying to dedicate my time to training and to get as many kilometers in as possible. While I really enjoy this time on the bicycle, something that I had neglected to consider is the time commitment. When you figure in that a 30 km ride takes about 1 1/2 hours give or take, plus the time to get changed, leaded up, shower after, etc, you are looking at almost 2 hours every time. Twice a day can easily claim 3.5-4 hours of the day. Attempting to blog daily also takes a bit out of the time. While none of these are extreme commitments when you mix it with a busy work schedule, and attempting to continue running my home business (retrovintage) it means that there is little free time leftover. I am finding too that I need to tune my bike on a weekly basis and this can take a couple of hours.

With all of this said I am still trying to find my balance without causing too much extra stress. Short of cutting any 1 thing I am going to have to manage my time and also keep my energy up. Cycling, work, cycling, business is almost impossible to keep up with. I find that by 9pm I am totally spent on energy and need to get to bed by 10-1030 so I can get up at 530. While I know I am doing this for the big cross-Canada it is hard to find the motivation and to remind myself why I am working so hard on a daily basis. Maybe it is because I am an impatient person, I always want immediate results, immediate gratification. I hate waiting for things, and in the back of my head I know that we wanted to do the trip this year, and put it in 2013 to have time to save money and prepare adequately. Again I know it will come quick and there is tons to do before the departure date. I guess I need to take my time, enjoy the process and not lose my motivation.

Moving forward at least as far as my business goes I need to scale down what I am doing. I have a few tune ups in that are going to take a ton of time and realistically they are not worth the time I will spend versus what I charge. I need to complete a few projects and then set aside the rest for the bad weather season. Having to rush through some repairs, and miss cycling is not what I need to be doing. I have some great bikes for sale, so I will focus on moving them and worry about the rest later.

I am realizing this post is ranty and not the most positive tone. I promise a more interesting one next time 🙂 Also I need a few numbers at home and will post my training summary from last week. For now back to work and waiting to get back out in this beautiful sunny day!

Thanks for reading and safe cycling!

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