Training summary May 14 to May 20

Monday May 14th

AM – Biked 30km to Summerlea Park in Dorval with Julie! Beautiful and calm morning, the water on the canal looked like a pane of glass, no wind yay! Having some bike issues with a crunching sound in the pedal / crank area

PM – Biked 16km to MTL Casino with Julie. Bike sounds even worse, cut short the ride as the sound was distracting and I was worried about having to walk the bike home. Later checked and seems the pedals were a bit loose and I am really hopeful that this is the problem… TBA tomorrow!

Tuesday May 15th

AM – Biked 27.17km rapids to canal loop. Pedal was definitely the issue yesterday and the ride this morning was so quiet and pleasant.

Wednesday May 16th

PM – Biked 31. 21 km to the end of lachine canal in some incredibly strong winds. Despite this maintained a really amazing pace into the wind. Strong tailwind for the return was really fun as I was posting over 30kmph. Decided to blow past exit for home and went to the old port and return. Felt a great sense of accomplishment for this ride.

Thursday May 17th

PM – Biked 30.61km to Summerlea park and return. Again tonight fought some strong winds coming from the west, some gusts almost grinded me to a complete stop. Almost got taken out by a truck leaving a parking lot and he didnt even look my way on the path. Luckily I saw him on time and I was able to cut really wide around the front and scream at him (twice) until he saw me and applied his brakes. Second time at this same parking lot, seems dangerous and I will for sure slow down leading up to this as no one seems to pay attention to cyclists. Return trip was fast with the tailwind.

Friday May 18th

PM – Biked 17.35km to La Cordee to get the rest of the equipment we needed for the trip coming in June. An expensive outing but at this point I think we have 98% of what we need for cross Canada. This ride was really stressful as we felt like we were dodging cars all the time despite being on a cycle lane. Many cyclists out too and seems the norm to come to a complete stop in the middle of the path to take a phone call. Frustrating ride but we got what we needed!

Saturday May 19th

For the past 3 mornings I have been completely unable to get up at 530 for my morning ride. cumulation of fatigue and stress from work and I am feeling very burned out. Original plan was to od a day trip today but postponed for Sunday, so that Julie and I can catch up on household chores, projects and gardening.

Sunday May 20th

AM – Early departure for a long bike ride! Cycled 71km in extreme heat conditions. The map below will give you an idea of where we went. Needless to say we took several breaks and drank lots of water.

Despite our efforts to remain hydrated this trip left me not feeling well. Too much sun and I was barely able to eat supper Sunday and I went to bed not feeling well. This carried through to Monday which was a day off. Sadly I didnt get to cycle at all.

Statistics for the week:

227.74 km total, 12 hours 50 minutes of cycling in 7 trips.

1 long trip to the East of the island

1 heat stroke that knocked me off my training for 2 days

Total distance for the season 986.05 km. Distance to goal (5000): 4013.95 km

Goal report for the week:

1. Bike every day at least once per day. (incomplete, will carry forward to a future week. Seems difficult to complete at this time)

2. Complete total kilometers of 200+. (success! 224.74km)

3. Complete at least 1 day trip on the weekend 75+km (so close with 71km Sunday)

4. Blog 4/7 days (incomplete, finding it difficult to dedicate an hour a day to writing)

5. Take some photos to use in the blog (incomplete, but will come soon with gear photos and bikes loaded!)

6. Break the 1000km barrier for the season (1/5 of total) (incompleteonly 14km away!)

Goals for next week:

1. Complete total kilometers of 200+

2. Complete at least 1 day trip on the weekend 72+km

3. Wednesday get back on track for training following heat stroke

4. Post 3 blogs other than training summary

5. Take out cycling gear and photograph for a blog entry


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