Trip plan June 1st to June 9th – Laurentians, Gatineau Valley, Ottawa

For those who have been following my blog I posted a few weeks back about a trip Julie and I were planning to undertake for our week of vacation the first week of June. For those who have not the plan is to leave Montreal and head north along the “Petit Train du Nord” trail to Mont Laurier, from there we will cross east to Maniwake then head back south through the Gatineau valley to Ottawa, then return from Ottawa.

Below are the specifics of the trip we are planning. I will not have the liberty of blogging during the trip but I will be writing and plan to transcribe my trip upon my return. Julie will be taking photos so we can have a few days of interesting and visual appealing blog once we return.

We are both very excited for the trip and will be digging out cyclo-touring equipment and getting ready this week. I hope to take some photos of the equipment and post about what we are carrying, as well as pics of everything and the bikes loaded for touring.

Day 1 – Friday June 1st

  • Leave Montreal around noon. Travel the canal to Beri, north to Sherbrooke Street, then to Lafontaine park. Here we can travel north on the Route Verte 1 all the way to cross into laval.
  • Continue crossing all of Laval on Route Verte 1 and cross at Pont David to the Laurentians area.
  • From Bois des Fillion follow the bike trail to St-Jerome where the Petit Train trail begins.
  • Stealth camp night 1 outside of St-Jerome.
  • Approx 55 km day

Day 2 – Saturday June 2nd

  • Leave St-Jerome and follow the Petit Train path to the Mont Tremblant area
  • This will be a big day for elevation gain, going from 100ft to almost 500 ft over a 100 km span. The day will start with a climb and will be a mostly uphill day. To end the day there will be a descent leaving us in the Mont Tremblant area
  • Stealth camp along the trail
  • Approx 100km day

Day 3 – Sunday June 3rd

  • Leave the Mont Tremblant area an follow the Petit Train trail to Mont Laurier.
  • More elevation gain today but less than Day 2
  • Campground tonight in Mont Laurier means first shower of the trip!
  • Approx 100km day

Day 4 – Monday June 4th

  • Mont Laurier to Maniwake about 45km
  • Maniwake to Gracefield / Wright area about 45km more.
  • Hope to stealth camp for the night, but campgrounds available in the area
  • Approx 90-95km

Day 5 – Tuesday June 5th

  • Leave Wright area to Low is about 40km
  • Low to Wakefield is about 30 km
  • From Wakefield we will get in to the Gatineau Park area and head in to find camping space. This will mean a shower again and leave us in the park for a ride the next day.
  • Approx 80-90km

Day 6 – Wednesday June 6th

  • Touring in the Gatineau Park explore some trails and take it easy, enjoy scenery and take photos
  • After the Park we will head in to Ottawa which is 35-40km where we will stay with my brother and his wife and daughter. This may be an indoor sleeping night šŸ™‚ Also a shower and maybe some laundry. I expect to smell bad by now hahaha!
  • Approx 80-90km for the day

Day 7 – Thursday June 7th

  • This day will be spent touring in the Ottawa region. We have not planned specific routes yet but want to get some sights in and enjoy the beautiful network of trails in the area
  • No set distance for the day, will be more casual and a day to visit, sightsee, and hope for nice weather.

Day 8 – Friday June 8th

  • Today we will start the return trip from Ottawa back toward Montreal. Google maps provided a cycle route that I was unaware of and looks like a nice alternate route home. Having done this trip about 8 years ago we followed a very busy and scary route, which name eludes me now.
  • We will follow an old regional route through some smaller towns along the Prescott-Russel Recreation trail.
  • Hope to find a stealth camping spot near Hudson which is about 100km from our starting point for the day

Day 9 – Saturday June 9th

  • Leaving from the Hudson area we will return home through Vaudreuil, Pincourt to St-Anne de Bellevue and back home
  • We have traveled this route several times and know it well
  • Approx 75 km this day and back to home base.

In all we are looking at 700km minimum for the trip. I did this one many years ago and it was 700km without any side trips and we completed the trip in 6 day. I am really looking forward to the time on the road and this trip will be a great practice run for our cross Canada trip. Cycling is not the main obstacle for us, the camping component will be the learning curve for the trip. Setting up camp, cooking with our new and unfamiliar stove, life on the road and all it’s bumps will be new to us.

Julie and I hope to take many photo and submit some blogs with great stories from the road, awesome images, and get the feel for our goal of writing a book about the cross Canada experience.

Thanks for reading this entry! Next week I hope to get a few postings in, then will be off the grid for the duration of our trip. Training logs for the coming week and the week following will be published upon our return. As it stands if we get a solid week of cycling in next week, plus the trip we will be rounding out 2000km upon our return! 2/5 of the summer goal!

Until next time cycle safe, respect and love your fellow cyclists and be safe in whatever you do!

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