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Getting back on track

My theme for last week was getting back on track and finding the motivation to keep training and keep focused on the purpose of all of this, the big ride across Canada.
My goal for last week was probably a bit too ambitious (200km) after taking over 3 weeks of barely cycling at all. It was tough to get out of bed in the mornings, I had adjusted to a late night schedule, and it was a tough sell when the alarm rang at 530-6am. In all I did get in 4 rides in 7 days for a total of 5:18:52 of cycling and 111.19 km.

This week my goal is to bike each day. Already I am off to a strong start with a 26km ride Monday then a strong 46 km ride this morning so sitting at 72km already. This week should be much easier to get to the 200km mark.

Overall I am disappointed in my July total of only 247.41km, but optimistic since the most of that was in the last 2 weeks of the month. It feels like I am headed back on track.

For August I hope to not have to log any “0” on my days, meaning I will bike every single one of August’s 31 days. I also hope to get at least a couple day trips in there. If I can do a minimum of 25km per day that works out to 775km!

Right now my summer total is at 2251km!
So with 274 days left until departure (39 weeks 1 day) it is time to start organizing maps, keeping tough with the training and staying motivated!

Until next time bike safe and dont be afraid to say hi to your fellow cyclists!

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Big gap in posts, motivation and training

So if you were following my blog no doubt you have noticed a big gap in my posts. The same is true for my training and recent motivation.
But as they say the show must go on. As of today there are 282 days until departure. This means a more intense training to make up for some lost time but I am sure that in that time both Julie and I will be ready for our adventure.

I promise to blog about our trip and post photos in the coming weeks, as time allows. The kink in our plan came from our bike trip in early June. First of all being scared half to death on some really dangerous strips of highway with no paved shoulder and transports passing close enough that we could touch them with our elbows, then battling with dirt bike paths that caused us to slip and slide under the weight of our bikes. All in all the trip was a great experience and a learning one for sure. This will allow us to make some serious refinements to our trip plan for next year.

The big negative came from Julie’s dislocating her knee-cap. The final day of our trip she was in excruciating pain and could barely complete the ride to Rigaud, where we elected to take the train back. 6 weeks of physio ensued, and for the first 3 she could barely walk. For that time the whole trip, the whole idea became a huge question mark. Even if we wanted to do it, this injury would certainly cancel those plans.

Saturday we got a little ride in to the fireworks then Sunday we got a nice 20km in, the first “real” ride together since the injury. The physiotherapist says that she should be fine for the trip next year, with, of course, some training, strength conditioning of her knee, and lots of hard work until then.

As for me I have remained in a holding pattern just over the 2000km mark for the season. 5000 is now unrealistic since we will not be able to do long day trips together for the time being. There are talks of a shorter trip in September, but that depends on many factors and seems unrealistic at this point.

For this week I am setting myself a goal of 200km to get back into gear and training again. This will mean getting more sleep, going to bed early so that I am able to bike before work. I may have to fight some hot mornings and even hotter evenings to get some distance under me. It will not be easy but I am getting back on track and will set a good attainable goal for August. We should still have at least 3 good months to cycle outdoors, and at that time will transition to the gym for more endurance and strength training.

As I have time I am going to get back to adding some content to my blog. I want to share our trip in its entirety, but I need to transcribe my scribbles and get the photos.

Until next time (and hopefully less than 2 months!!) bike safe, and show some love to your fellow cyclists!