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Route planning and great news!

So I have been wanting to post some updates and pics lately but as usual have been busy, getting out cycling as much as possible, while keeping up with all the day to day stuff.

Route planning is almost complete, I figure a few more hours (I literally have DAYS of work in this planning) and I should have us back home. Few notes about the trip plan. For a bit we were toying with the idea of skipping Newfoundland, we really didnt want to take the ferry for 16 hours and have 1-day to travel from the Argentina ferry landing to St-John’s. After much deliberation we decided (once again) to cross to Port Aux Basques and do the full 900ish KM through Newfoundland. In addition we decided to do a bit more of Nova Scotia, so we will be doing an extra 300+ KM and following the Cabot Trail through Cape Breton, NS. This is supposed to be beautiful and this may sound silly but our touring bikes are Norco Cabot (named after the trail) so it feels like it was meant to be.

Once the trip is planned out, I am going to write up about it and post the places where we are planning to stop for a night. We will be looking to contact friends, family, relatives, etc to see if there are back yards we can crash in (and warm showers too!)

So last but not least for now is the good news. If you have followed for a bit you might know that it was looking a bit dicey to get the time off of work to do this trip. Yesterday I had a meeting with a member of the Board here who speaks for the board and gave the blessing for me to take the almost 3 months off of work to do this! That was for sure a big sigh of relief for me.

Next is to start some heavier training. Julie and I have a trip planned for September 29th to October 6th. That will likely be the subject of my next blog!

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Saturday ride!

Saturday was a beautiful morning and Julie and I had been talking about one of our favorite rides for a few weeks. We packed up a picnic and left early for a ride to chambly. Conditions were nice, it was cool at first and a bit overcast, but an ideal cycling day. He ride time chambly was smooth despite a strong side-head wind. We made great time time chambly and took a little break at the fort. Here is a pic of the old fort that the French built to defend the area from invaders.


And of course a shot of our loyal steeds taking a break from the road…


And a last and rare pic of Julie since she is usually behind the camera!


The trip home was grinding with the winds shifting into a fully fledged headwind. We still maintained a good pace and stopped half way home for some eats.  We met an old guy on some fancy electric cart who came over to chat. Ha was 90 years old and we think just looking for someone to talk to!

The ride back was tough but the legs feel so strong! Small delay crossing back from the south shore since the boat bridge closed just as we arrived!

All in all it was a great ride. 75km and the legs are happy today. I didn’t pull the stats from the GPS yet but those will come later.

Until next time bike safe, love your fellow cyclist and have
good adventures!

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quick update!

Things have been a bit insane as of late. I know the plan was to bike every day in august but as we all are aware type humidity and variable weather ha’ve been a major factor. Julie is still in the healing process butdoing much better.  Rides are progressing and this weekend slate is to get some day trips in. Saturday we hope to go to chambly and return, about a 90km round trip. Sunday we hope to go to isles de boucherville, a nature preserve, then Monday I have the last personal day of my current contract so we plan on more day tripping! TBA

One last little note is that I have finally caved and joined the ranks of smart phone users. This means getting used
to this and likely even more grammatical and spelling errors, as well as growing into my auto correct 🙂
As this will only means of the road I need to get used to this right away 🙂
I hope to post a blog this weekend with our day trips and photos!

Until then bike save, wear your helmet and live your fellow cyclist!

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