Saturday ride!

Saturday was a beautiful morning and Julie and I had been talking about one of our favorite rides for a few weeks. We packed up a picnic and left early for a ride to chambly. Conditions were nice, it was cool at first and a bit overcast, but an ideal cycling day. He ride time chambly was smooth despite a strong side-head wind. We made great time time chambly and took a little break at the fort. Here is a pic of the old fort that the French built to defend the area from invaders.


And of course a shot of our loyal steeds taking a break from the road…


And a last and rare pic of Julie since she is usually behind the camera!


The trip home was grinding with the winds shifting into a fully fledged headwind. We still maintained a good pace and stopped half way home for some eats.  We met an old guy on some fancy electric cart who came over to chat. Ha was 90 years old and we think just looking for someone to talk to!

The ride back was tough but the legs feel so strong! Small delay crossing back from the south shore since the boat bridge closed just as we arrived!

All in all it was a great ride. 75km and the legs are happy today. I didn’t pull the stats from the GPS yet but those will come later.

Until next time bike safe, love your fellow cyclist and have
good adventures!

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One thought on “Saturday ride!

  1. patrickce says:

    Nice ride, I loved cycling through Quebec province. Good luck with your training, and keep going with the blog! All the best, mon ami, Patrick

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