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Day 1 Westmount to Louisville

Title 2: windy ass day


This is our bikes waiting for departure. Little did they know what was in store for them…

The day started well, a bit later than we wanted at 9am. Wind wasn’t a major factor at first and the ride off the island was decent. By the time we got to the east of the island though the wind was picking up, and we were getting a mild mist. Not too bad but any cyclist can attest that a headwind sure slows things down.

We got off the island and bumped into another cyclist at the lights. Little did we know we would cross paths later at a gas station and I would be able to help him as he needed one of those essential presta valve adapters. Then I was able to help out with how to use it right 🙂
So we were introduced to Guillaume, who, as it would be, was going the same way we were. Granted he was riding completely unloaded, and as the top photo shows we are carrying a about 50 lbs of gear each. Needless to say we slowed him down, but he was happy to ride along with us.
At this point the rain started in full force and the wind pushed even harder.

To make a long story shorter for 50km we suffered through gale force headwinds and crawled at 15-18kmph. Sore and exhausted we parted ways in Louiseville. Julie and I headed for our chosen camp site.

Finally the day starts getting better. The site owners were waiting for us (we were drenched and freezing) and set us up with a spot for $25. The also heated up common room and made sure the showers had hotwater. We were welcomed to shower, eat and relax in this area, dry our clothing. We stayed there for 3 hours and plan to have breakfast there too.
If ever you are in the area look for Camping & Marina Louisville. For their hospitality Julie and I give them 5 stars.

For now we are off to bed. Not many pics as weather was awful.

Tomorrow we expect another cold, WET, and windy day. For now some rest and we

tackle that problem tomorrow.

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Cycling calendar for Cross-Canada

After many many hours of work I have completed the trip plan and the following schedule will show what towns Julie and I intend on traveling between, and the tentative dates. We want to remain a bit flexible where we can so some of these stops may be +/- one day. We are also hopeful that if we have friends, family, or other contacts in these towns that can offer a place for us to set up a tent, and maybe a warm shower (or worst case a garden hose) we would be eternally grateful. Any money we dont have to spend on camp sites will go into food for sure!

If you find yourself reading this and feel like you may be able to help, or provide a contact, please email me, or send me a msg through the blog and I will get in touch with you.

At some point I may post the routes we are following, but for now I am going to save that. I put literally 100s of hours of work into the planning. If you are doing a similar trip and want to get in touch please do so, I just dont want to distribute these widely just yet.

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Final trip of the 2012 season

With a bit of disappointment I re-write this entry. It seems my last one disappeared when I published.

The cycling season is nowhere near over, however the camping season is coming to a close and as is the time we have to get in some trips. I wanted to share what will be the final trip for Julie and I this cycling season.

The plan is to follow the first 2 days of our cross-Canada trip, through Trois Rivieres, and Quebec City. There we will take a day and a half off to visit the city, as we have never had the opportunity to do so yet, and I havent been to Qc City in many many years. Following this we will head South to Victoriaville, then to Rock Forest to see my parents. From there we will be following familiar terrain through the Eastern Townships and Monteregie, where we have done trips in the past.

This trip will allow us to test our equipment and clothing in cooler conditions. As we are departing for cross-Canada on April 20th, the weather in October should be very similar to that in April. From this we can determine if there is the need for more equipment before the big trip.
Below is the map of our proposed route, equaling about 650km, give or take getting off track 🙂

Until next time enjoy your cycling on these beautiful autumn days, get it in while you can cause soon we will all be complaining about the white stuff falling from the sky. Be safe and love your fellow cyclist.


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Blog recommendation

Hi again readers!

I know I have not written much lately, I just feel like there has not been anything really exciting to share in the past few weeks.


What I do want to share today is another blog. I met Patrick, who responded to a craigslist add where I was selling a sleeping bag. We got to chatting and he was on the verge of leaving on his own cross-Canada journey. Of course I felt an immediate connection and we swapped blog links and I have been following his progress since 🙂

You can visit Patrick on his Evox  across Canada blog here:

Send him a shout out and let him know I sent you!

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