Cycling calendar for Cross-Canada

After many many hours of work I have completed the trip plan and the following schedule will show what towns Julie and I intend on traveling between, and the tentative dates. We want to remain a bit flexible where we can so some of these stops may be +/- one day. We are also hopeful that if we have friends, family, or other contacts in these towns that can offer a place for us to set up a tent, and maybe a warm shower (or worst case a garden hose) we would be eternally grateful. Any money we dont have to spend on camp sites will go into food for sure!

If you find yourself reading this and feel like you may be able to help, or provide a contact, please email me, or send me a msg through the blog and I will get in touch with you.

At some point I may post the routes we are following, but for now I am going to save that. I put literally 100s of hours of work into the planning. If you are doing a similar trip and want to get in touch please do so, I just dont want to distribute these widely just yet.

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One thought on “Cycling calendar for Cross-Canada

  1. mark says:

    Checkout and, never pay for camping again.

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