Final trip of the 2012 season

With a bit of disappointment I re-write this entry. It seems my last one disappeared when I published.

The cycling season is nowhere near over, however the camping season is coming to a close and as is the time we have to get in some trips. I wanted to share what will be the final trip for Julie and I this cycling season.

The plan is to follow the first 2 days of our cross-Canada trip, through Trois Rivieres, and Quebec City. There we will take a day and a half off to visit the city, as we have never had the opportunity to do so yet, and I havent been to Qc City in many many years. Following this we will head South to Victoriaville, then to Rock Forest to see my parents. From there we will be following familiar terrain through the Eastern Townships and Monteregie, where we have done trips in the past.

This trip will allow us to test our equipment and clothing in cooler conditions. As we are departing for cross-Canada on April 20th, the weather in October should be very similar to that in April. From this we can determine if there is the need for more equipment before the big trip.
Below is the map of our proposed route, equaling about 650km, give or take getting off track 🙂

Until next time enjoy your cycling on these beautiful autumn days, get it in while you can cause soon we will all be complaining about the white stuff falling from the sky. Be safe and love your fellow cyclist.


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One thought on “Final trip of the 2012 season

  1. wesleymccoy says:

    Well great wrote an entry and it didnt publish right. Will take another stab at this later.

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