Day 3 – St-Anne-de-la-Perade to Quebec City

Title 2: thanks for the tailwind
Title 3: construction pain in the ass


First up is a quick photo of the historic B&B that Julie and I stayed at last night. As you can see it is finally not raining! In the evening it poured rain and didn’t stop until the early morning.
I slept so-so as we had to share a double bed and we are used to a king… but I got some rest for a new day of cycling.

With the wind at our backs and no rain things rolled much better today. As you may recall yesterday we biked at a max of 15kmph. Today we were at a minimum of 20+ except for hills. Many times we were laughing at biking double yesterday’s speed.

Lots of beautiful scenery today as well! Beautiful fall colors, cows, horses, deer, sheep and amazing skylines. I took a picture below but not sure how well it turned out.


Here is another picture of the route we have been following for 3 days.


The King’s highway and route verte 5

In St-Augustine we got really frustrated by tons of construction and a 20km detour when we were so close to destination. Not so much the distance but the detour down a dangerous route beside a highway already under construction and reduced to one lane. Some fast cycling and weaving pylons to avoid the big rigs and we were back on track. Again more construction in QC city bike paths meant more detours.
We hit an insane hill in town whos name alludes me but it was steep, no shoulder and heavy traffic. It was a slow walk up that one, but back on track we moved faster than traffic which was awesome!
Our hotel where we will stay for the next 2 nights is really nice. I write this mashed into a down filled bed.

Tomorrow we will not be cycling but enjoying being tourists in this historic city. Stories and photos tomorrow 🙂

I forgot one funny story yesterday… we were just arrived at the b&b and wanted to make tuna sandwiches. I forgot our bag with cutlery and the only thing I could find to mix the mayo and tuna was a toothbrush handle. I will never look at my toothbrush the same again…

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