Day 4 – Quebec city day off

Title 2: long walks and tourist traps

So today was our day off in Quebec city. After a weird sleep, in what should  be a good bed (I found it too soft) but the pillows and duvet are awesome. So much so that I am ordring a complete set. But I digress.

We decided to go visit old Quebec, and perhaps foolishly to walk there from our hotel. The 10+ km walk was tough for sore legs, and until we passed the planes of Abraham the walk was really boring. It was fun to see the views and the old buildings, Julie took some photos but I didn’t take many today.

As our legs were getting tired we stopped for a refreshment and overpriced nachos at Saint-Patrick’s pub. After fighting wasps for our beer we grabbed a cab back.

To fully appreciate our cab ride, you will have to have seen the movie “Taxi”. Julie also related our ride to “the Transporter”. This driver was rocking his Chrysler 300 Hemi through traffic like no one’s business. Thankfully he was a good driver, but man he rolled. $29 cab ride later and we were back to the hotel.

I fear that I don’t have a very positive impression of this city. Every place that Julie and I ate we felt snobbed. Granted we were not wearing fancy clothes as we didn’t have much room to pack, but we felt like we were looked down on everywhere. It was like our tourist dollars.were not wanted ( except for the gratuities, which were actually on the bills as a “suggested amount usually 20-25%!!!
Besides that as vegetarians we have a harder time finding things to eat. I have to honestly say that we have not had one satisfying meal here. Most meals were mediocre, and very small portion to cost. hungry cyclists we expect more but meals in the $60 range for both of us and the  we leave starving needing go go buy snacks…

Anyhow tomorrow we are back knowledge the road, camping out tomorrow night, finally making a meal in the camping stove! This should leave us near Victorville and one day from my parents place 🙂

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One thought on “Day 4 – Quebec city day off

  1. high five and raspberries says:

    good wine and food wait here !

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