Day 5- Quebec City to Victoriaville.

Title 2: fog and farmlands

He day started early after a mediocre sleep. I am not sure if it was because I didnt set an alarm or just weird sleep cycle but I was awake from 2 am to 5 am.

We departed at 8 after checking out and ordering a set of king size down pillows for home. Man were they ever  comfortable!

As we were close to the bridge it was fast to get there with morning traffic, but MAN was it foggy. So surreeal crossing the bridge (walking) in this:



After the foggy crossing we were able to get right on track on a very peaceful path that bought us through 70km or farmlands and forests. Really not much to report but that.


Here is Julie on one of our stops.

That night we stayed in a dumpy hotel to avoid a $100 fine for camping along the trail. The place advertised online and out front on 1/2 of their sign sauna and hot tub… and we were excited for this… so we ask… and it had been broken and out of service for almost 2years!!!
After an awful supper of poutine (over deep fried crinkle freezer fries) and a vegetarian pita (picture a salad mix with lettuce, cabbage and green peppers in a pita with tzaziki sauce). Epic gross.

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