Day 6 – Victoriaville to Rock Forest

Title 2: Was the person who designated these trails whacked on bath salts?

So the day began early in Victoriaville as we hoped to get to my parents places early. We left in  misty conditions which rapidly turned into rainy and windy nastiness. Suffice to say that would have been bad enough, but nooooooooo….. trails were worse than the weather!

We started with packed gravel trails which when dry are tolerable, but with a fully loaded touring bike in the rain they are slippery. Then the trail turns into loose gravel which is even more insane. Then things get even worse and the trail, which I should add is the Route Verte #1 looks more like a challenging trail even for a 4-wheeler… add the rain and the recipe makes 2 grumpy cyclists travelling at 10kmph.

Hours later emerge from the hell hopeful for some paved roads. Well we got that for 1km. All up a steep hill. Next turn onto an old country gravel road. This again was a bike route and it was a 10% downgrade… that we were expected tks climb. Long walk later and we have to contend with 2 long hilly regional roads with tons of traffic.

At least after that we arrived at my parents house and were welcomed with a warm shower cold beer and good company. We had a great supper, shared an amazing bottle of wine, and all got off to bed early. Thanks again to my awesome parents for their hospitality (and Buddy too for dog snuggles and kisses).

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One thought on “Day 6 – Victoriaville to Rock Forest

  1. patrickce says:

    The Trans-Canada Trail is insane, it’s only for mountain-bikes and ATVs. I rode it through to Ottawa,it was appalling.

    Glad you got there in the end and enjoyed a bottle of wine, good luck with the rest of your trip.


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