Day 7 – Rock Forest to Rougemont

Title 2: What is that funny glowing orb in the sky?

Title 3: Redneck 4-wheelers.

After a wonderful evening with my parents last night it was time to start the journey back home. From their place in Rock Forest it is about 160km home. As we wanted a shorted day for Saturday Julie and I decided to push as far as we can for day 7.

As we were leaving we were greeted by this strange warming sensation and a glowing orb in the sky peeking through the clouds. Julie correctly identified it  as the sun, though at first I was skeptical since I had not seen this in so long. We made really good time traveling to Magog, due to the nicer weather and less winds. It is important to note that the Eastern Townships are really hilly, so as you can imagine our day was mostly climbing through rolling hills. Road conditions were good and we took a break in one of my favorite rest stops on this bike route (we have done this route 3 times now). Fall colors were beautiful and this view is always breathtaking!

Better pics to follow, phone pics dont do this justice.

The ride went mainly well, we did hit some construction and one spot was kinda cool, we had a pick-up truck escort through a construction zone, so we just tucked in and biked behind the truck. I had never seen that before.

In Granby we got delayed for almost an hour, Julie got a flat back tire, so we had to find a spot to stop and change the tube. There was a big piece of wire stuck through the tire that I had to fight out. In doing this also I noticed some cracking of the tire and this makes me realize that it is likely time to change all of our tires as they now have about 5000-6000km on them, and I want to have fresh tires leaving for cross Canada.

Back on the road and the tiredness sets in, wind was picking up again and we were for sure ready to sleep. Oddly enough the path follows the highway and it is heavily populated. This made it hard to find a camp spot, and we didnt want to risk trespassing to camp out. We finally settled on camping next to a closed tourist stop. There was a gazebo for cooking and eating and a porta-pottie. We tucked in behind a hedge right on the side of the path, had supper and set up to camp.

This was all fine and dandy till the sun went down and the rednecks came out. Despite HUGE signs posted prohibiting 4-wheelers, what do we hear barreling down the path? a BUNCH of 4-wheelers. I am convinced the first few didnt eve notice our tent, but a couple slowed down and lit up our tent like day with those halogen lights. To be fair some were respectful slowing down as they got close to us, but I am convinced a few were taking turns to see how close they could come to the front of our tent. In the morning I noted tire tracks within inches of our tent. This “fun” went on until about 1am, but after that I was too worked up and couldnt sleep.

All in all a bad end to a nice day 😦

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