Day 8 – Rougemont to HOME!

Title 2: Thinking about trading the bikes in for a canoe or scuba gear with this weather.

This one picks up from where I ended the day 7 post. As you may recall our narrator was fearing for his life with 4-wheelses zipping inches from his head…

After some hours of restless tossing and turning, and add to that the torrential rainfall that started and was hammering down on the tent, I wanted to get out and on the road as soon as possible. At 5am the forecast was for the rain to taper by 8am, so we slowly packed up what we could. Well guess what? The rain didnt subside and it was freezing outside. We were packed and growing restless, the only thing left to do was to pack the tent up. Well wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we started to collapse the tent the rain intensified to the point where it was filling up the tent and made it weigh a ton. We dragged it to the gazebo and packed it up the best possible despite the circumstances. With all the water I am sure the tent weighed double for the ride home.

So we decide to just face the weather and start biking. At this point we were about 25km to Chambly, where we planned to stop at Tim Horton’s for breakfast. From there we had 35km to get home on a familiar path.

Let me tell you that first 25km was pure hell. within 5 minutes we were both completely soaked through, with swiming pools in our shoes and soaked to the bone despite the rain gear. it was raining and blowing into our faces, so even despite keeping my head low I had to keep a free hand to wipe my eyes as i was having a really hard time seeing. Picture having to squeegee the rain from your eyes like windshield wipers. Then do that on the side of highway with transports flying past. Good wholesome fun!

We finally fight the weather to Chambly and stop for breakfast at Tim Horton! I had wanted to do that since we left, so I got my egg “Timatin” a hot chocolate and a triple chocolate muffin. Julie and I sat at a table and there was a massive puddle forming around us.

Finally the rain was subsiding into a semi-tolerable drizzle, though once you are wet and the cold sets in, muscles are less efficient, as is the tolerance. It was a quiet ride back from Chambly, we kept our heads down and pedaled. As the city came in to view I got excited and I think the pace increased. All I wanted to do is get my soggy ass home, peel out of the wet layers and have a hot shower.


All told the trip was 662.08 km over 7 days of cycling, 1 day off. 2 nights camping, 1 night in a B&B, 3 nights in hotels and 1 at my parents place.

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One thought on “Day 8 – Rougemont to HOME!

  1. patrickce says:

    Sounds awesome, at least you will have looked tough cycling through that rain. The weather was rubbish but you both did it – you’ll have a few more days like that cycling Canada. Warm rain is fine as long as you can get dry – Tim Horton’s is crucial!

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