Change to the trip plans

Following our October trip Julie and I have been rethinking certain aspects of the trip. Originally the plan was to leave on April 20th and head toward the maritimes.

This date was planned based on when I can get time off from work, as my return date had no flexibility at all. Sometimes the plans look so good that you forget to take into account certain aspects. One important consideration is the weather. I am not sure if we thought it might be ok to bike through potential cold and rainy days, but the trip in October was a bit of a wake-up call for both of us. Having gotten drenched for an entire week and dealing with cold conditions we needed to go back to the planning board.

As I said my return date is not flexible so we came to the decision to start the trip a bit later, on May 17th (Friday prior to May long weekend). We will be flying to Victoria, BC and cycling home, 5500km over 2 months. The Eastern portion from Montreal to St-John’s Nfld will be completed at a later date, but is still for sure part of the long term plan.

Besides the weather as a consideration, we also realized that many campgrounds do not open until may long weekend, or thereabout. On the October trip we spend a combination of 4 nights in hotel / b&b, 1 night with family and only 2 nights camping. As the trip is being done on a budget, if we end up staying at hotels because of being drenched and freezing, we re going to blow through our budget in no time at all. We need to focus on camping as many nights as possible. It is also a huge part of the experience as well, living close to nature.

Now we are only 7 months from departure. To be exact we have 207 days until departure!
I will need to go back and rework a few dates but below is the proposed revised travel schedule for next summer.

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