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3 Months to go and trip calendar

So yesterday marked the official 3 months to departure date! This is both exciting and scary at the same time. We have been planning this trip for well over 2 years now and every time I think it is all figured out something else comes up and the plans are shuffled. At this point I think we (finally) have our last version of the trip calendar ready. I realized that we were pushing some crazy days on the old calendar, and not taking nearly enough time off to rest and recuperate. We had also considered a shorter trip but the realization that if we didn’t do the complete cross Canada we likely would never have the opportunity to complete the trip.

Below is the calendars for our trip. We planned Sundays off but this is flexible. As far as our stops they will all be +/- a day. If we are planning to visit you, we will for sure be in touch a few days ahead to make arrangements! Also if you are reading this in in a city on our stop list please let me know if you can accommodate us setting up a tent for a night.

Cross canada calendar plan V3 Apr 27 departure_Page_1

Cross canada calendar plan V3 Apr 27 departure_Page_2

Cross canada calendar plan V3 Apr 27 departure_Page_3


110 days!

So I know I haven’t blogged in a while but had that feeling that there was nothing to talk about. Just feel like it is time for a quick update.

So as I write this we are 110 days from departure. After some plan adjusting and.son back and forth Julie and I decided to go all out and do the whole trip all at once. No half measures.

Now the (gosh I hope final) plan is to leave on April 27th and return on or about July 19th. Another big change to the plan is to keep the trip 100% in Canada. We will be crossing Thunder Bay to Sault ste Marie instead of cutting below lake Superior.

All told we will be on the road for 85 days, 74 cycling. I will be posting our calendar in the coming days, and getting serious about finding backk yards to crash in (and warm showers!) I will also post the travel plan in case it may be useful for someone else planning this adventure!

I promise to check in soon! Training is going  well and taking lots of time but it should be worth the effort!!

Till then happy dreams about cycling weather!

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