110 days!

So I know I haven’t blogged in a while but had that feeling that there was nothing to talk about. Just feel like it is time for a quick update.

So as I write this we are 110 days from departure. After some plan adjusting and.son back and forth Julie and I decided to go all out and do the whole trip all at once. No half measures.

Now the (gosh I hope final) plan is to leave on April 27th and return on or about July 19th. Another big change to the plan is to keep the trip 100% in Canada. We will be crossing Thunder Bay to Sault ste Marie instead of cutting below lake Superior.

All told we will be on the road for 85 days, 74 cycling. I will be posting our calendar in the coming days, and getting serious about finding backk yards to crash in (and warm showers!) I will also post the travel plan in case it may be useful for someone else planning this adventure!

I promise to check in soon! Training is going  well and taking lots of time but it should be worth the effort!!

Till then happy dreams about cycling weather!

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One thought on “110 days!

  1. patrickce says:

    Sounds like a good plan! Couch-surfing has a good community for touring cyclists too, I met many friends as I was cycling. Best of luck with the training.

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