9 weeks and a peek at maps

So this morning marked the 9 weeks to departure date. This fills me with excitement and and a little bit of fear. I know everything is planned and we are almost ready to go, but holy crap we are leaving for 3 months and 8000+ km of cycling! Wooh boy!

At this point I am just itching to go out cycling for real, not on the trainer and not in the gym. I need some fresh air and sunshine! As I write this though it wont stop snowing! Dangit!

So as to post something since it has been a while, I wanted to post a quick view of the maps of our trip, which I have gone over and over and over again, and I hope that this is final! All that is left to do is make some contacts for places to stay along the way.

Now it is time to really focus on training, food planning, final shopping and preparing the bikes for this crazy trip!

Here are the maps in order. Soon I will complete the road maps I am highlighting and post pics for a clearer view of where we are going. Each letter represents a stop point along the way 🙂

1 start Quebec

2- NB

3 - pei

4- NS


6- BC

7- AB

8- sask

9 - MB

9 - ON

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One thought on “9 weeks and a peek at maps

  1. patrickce says:

    Looking at those maps reminds me of my trip. Good days. Best of luck with the training, dude!

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