45 days and looking for places to stay

It is hard to properly illustrate how excited I am feeling for this trip. After several years of planning, and many many workouts later, I have gone from counting months, to weeks and now days. As of today we are 45 days from departure.

Routes are all planned now and fairly final, except for the first 2-3 days. When I did the original planning I had us leaving on the Sunday April 28th, but we are leaving on the 27th. This will allow us to split the first few days up a bit instead of pushing 150km on our first day to rush to Trois Rivieres. We will divide the trip and do 3 days to Saint Augustin (or a bit father) to get used to life on the road and not immediately run ourselves tired 🙂

We are pretty set for equipment as well following a spending flurry where we bought all the best rain gear we could find; Gore Bike Wear (if anyone from Gore is reading this you are getting free advertising, how about a sponsorship haha!). WE also got proper jerseys, a few parts of cycling and camping gear we were missing, new tires for the bikes (to be changed just before departure), replacement brake shoes and spare tires for the road.

Now one of the final links is finding places to stay. We plan to use the warmshowers.org site as much as possible but there are big gaps in the country for places to stay. I am posting the list below of what cities we plan to stop in for the night, please keep in mind that due to travels and unforseen events all places are +/- one day. If you are reading this and can accommodate us on a lawn for a night, or if you have a contact of friends or family that may be able to help us out, please get in touch with me directly at wesley.mccoy@gmail.com . All we really need is lawn space, use of your washroom and shower if possible. Otherwise we will be fairly self sufficient.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as we will be posting much more often prior to departure and hopefully on a daily basis from the road!

Places to stay X-Can list_Page_1

Places to stay X-Can list_Page_2

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One thought on “45 days and looking for places to stay

  1. This sounds like an exciting journey! I’ve shared your post on Facebook with my friends, hopefully some of them will let you camp out 🙂 Have a great trip when you go!

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