13 days!!

It is amazing how fast time passes. It feels like this trip has been forever in the planning phase and now that it is so close to departure it is getting scary. …

With the insane weather this week I have had a hard time staying  positive. Mid april snow with 2 weeks  before departure really puts a chill down my spine. If we got pummeled by a storm like that on the road it would be really really bad.  Hopefully the Mother Nature has gotten all of this snow out of her system and we can move toward nice weather now.

So now all the gear is sitting out in my office and Julie is taiking photos of all the gear that we travel with. Once that is comlete we will post pics since I get mwny questions about what we bring and how much the load weighs. Even for myself seeing everything all spread out I wonder how it is all going to fit on our 2 bikes. Having packed it all before I know it will fit.

Next on there to do list is to finish shopping hopefully today. I cant believe how much shopping we have done and every time I think it is complete there is something else to get. At least for the most part we have durable stuff so we will be ready for any future trips.

Now that the countdown is turning into days and hours the pressure is on to get out cycling as much as possible before leaving and get our bodies used to the idea that this is going to be life for the next 3 months 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the blog! I hope to write on a daily basis from the road so our readers can follow the trip and share this awesome experience.

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5 thoughts on “13 days!!

  1. Bilbet says:

    All the very best to both of you. We are putting in our wishes for good weather and a safe trip. Looking forward to the many photos we know you will be taking. God be with you and lead you down all the safe paths.

  2. patrickce says:

    Hey dude, there might be a little snow atop of those mountains you’ll be passing, but I’m hoping it’s all melted for you and you get good days. Keep some warm, dry clothes safely locked away and when you stop for the evening you can change into nice, warm clothes (nothing feels better).

    When it rained I had to duck into cafes a few times to dry off. The windows go all steamy and people look at you funny – just ignore them and drink hot tea! The worst is your trainers and socks – once they get wet they never dry. Maybe consider buying some quick-dry trainers or getting rain-covers for your shoes.

    In any case, I wish you all the best and I’ll be reading every single one of your posts and re-living my trip vicariously through you both. I can’t wait to start reading them and looking at your pictures. Sometimes you’ll be in the middle of nowhere, but keep writing every day whilst your memories stay fresh, so you don’t forget anything.

    Good luck and bon voyage! Patrick

  3. wesleymccoy says:

    Thanks for the advice Patrick! I am so excited to get out there on the road.

    Did you have that awful feeling that you might be forgetting something before leaving? My butterflies are getting bigger by the day 🙂

    • patrickce says:

      Hi Wes, oh yeah, I had that felling! I had no real idea what to bring so I brought a lot of extra stuff I ended up throwing away on the road. By the end of the trip I was as lean as I could be – every item was important on a day-to-day basis. When are you putting up your equipment list?

      The first day and then one day in the middle (near Winnipeg) were the hardest – all the other days were a dream. You’ll never feel more free than riding into a town after a day’s cycling. It’s beautiful, and it will be one of the best times of you and your partner’s lives. It takes some getting used to but you’ll cross Canada, I’m sure.

      I’m sending you good vibes from where I am.

  4. wesleymccoy says:

    Thanks Patrick! I hope to get the equipment list up by the end of the week, just waiting fo the photos to be stitched together and will post the list. I feel like we have it narrowed down but so tough to guess the weather, may just mail some stuff home as we dont need it.

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