Less than 12 days…

This morning marked the 12 days countdown to departure! As I write this at night however it feels way closer. It is so strange looking back through the blog and seeing numbers of weeks / months but now counting days and hours!

It is a stange mix of feelings from being excited to really overwhelmed about all the things we still need to do before leaving. Also feeling bit nervous for the weather still but that is beyond our control, at this point we have to dive into whatever is thrown our way!

Tonight was a great example, we finally get a nicer day with some sunshine so for sure we decide to hit the trails after work. All geared up we pop over to the Lachine canal with the intention of doing 30-40 km. Heading west it was awesome, we were easily rolling at almost 30kmph without any major effort. This would all change when we got to Dorval and turned back eastward to go home. The wind was grueling to say the least. It was hard to maintain 20kmph (riding unloaded too!). We has a tough crawl back home to cpmplete 35km. Good exercise and training but on windy days that is going to really take its toll on us. Please wish us some nice winds west to east, which are the normal prevaling winds in Canada.

Tomorrow morning we plan to get up and get in a 30km before work. This should be a good shock to the system but it will help to kickstart the muscles into rapid repair mode. We will also start our vitamine and supplement regime tomorrow to get our systems regulated before departure.

Here is a quick pic from tonight’s ride. This was taken at the end of the canal in Lachine.


Until next time thanks for reading and joining us on the countdown to departure!

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