Less than 7 days!!

As I write this we have 6 days 11 hours to departure. I am finding it unbelievable how fast time is going lately. I guess being insanely busy is a big part of that. It is good to seeing our to do lists going down but it seems that we cross one thing off and add 3 more to the list.

So today we had a visit from my parents who are taking care of our beloved dog Oden for the summer. He will have an awesome time with his friend Buddy for the next 3 months. Julie and I both miss him already and he has been gone for 30 minutes šŸ˜¦
Here is our little doggie:

I think it will be tough to be away from him for 3 months. I know for sure we will both find it hard and we will miss our little boy. He is in good hands though, thanks Mom and Dad ā™”

With a week to go there is more shopping to do and everything to pack. Julie has taken photos of all gear and we will have a post during the week so everyone can see all the stuff we carry.

Cycling went well this week and tomorrow we should be able to get in a ride weathr permitting. Yeah it snowed today… light snow but a little freaky a week before we leave. Really need some nicer weather ASAP. That is my biggest concern at present.

Currently I have major buttrflies.

4 work days left, 1weekend day and a million thjngs left to do. It will all get done and next saturday we are off to our first stop Louiseville, Quebec.

Departure is 8am from the Lachine canal, Atwater crossing bridge. Anyone who wants to come out and wish us well please come and see us. It would mean a lot to both of us šŸ™‚ Anyone who is game can bring their bikes too and ride with us for a few kilometers if you like!

Readers in other towns stay tuned we will be posting the tentatve intinereries as we go so if you want to meet us on the way to your town we can sort that out. Will love to have other cyclists join us even if only for a few kilometers!

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2 thoughts on “Less than 7 days!!

  1. high five and raspberries says:

    We arrived home safely with the boys…we will let Oden explore the yard tomorrow when skunk danger is minimal. Don’t worry we will take good care of our granddog

  2. Marc says:

    Have a fun and safe trip! We’ll have to hit up a patio when you get back and have some drinks and tell me about the great trip!

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