4 days to departure!

At the time I am writing this we are actually 3 days 20 hours from our scheduled departure from the Atwater market entrance of the Lachine Canal trail!!

It has been a productive few days since the last post. I am feeling that besides a few small things the shopping is pretty much complete. After yet another trip to Cycle-Technique on Atwater avenue in Montreal, Julie and I each have new helmets, I replaced a crappy pump, we got some cycling socks and a few other odds and ends. Thanks Claire and the team at Cycle-technique for the help. If you are in Montreal and need bike stuff, they are a great team and they have a ton of drool-worthy bikes, parts and everything you could need!

Yesterday we hopped on the bikes for a trek across the city to go to Le Baron Sports on St-Laurent avenue near the metropolitan. It was a nice ride through a variety of neighborhoods and we arrived to find friendly and helpful staff. Many dry bags, guy wires, knife, and other odds and ends and we have everything we need for camping, cooking and keeping our stuff dry!

For the rest of the week it looks like we are going to be packing, re-packing, and packing some more. Making sure to get a balanced load will be important for bike handling and comfort for the long days. Otherwise we hope to get a bit of cycling in and on Friday have a nice relaxed day before departure. Need a bit of rest before leaving and to leave feeling refreshed.

So far it looks like the weather will be cooperating but I really dont want to jinx it! In any case we are prepared for all weather and once we leave that is out of our control.

I think both of our biggest fear at this time is we havent been able to get any really long rides in before departure. Having done long rides (100+ km) before I am confident that we are capable of doing them. We will have to take our pace carefully at first and listen to our bodies. There is no sense pushing too hard at the start, getting hurt, or otherwise compromising the trip. This is for fun after all and it wont be fun to wreck this trip we have planned so hard to get to!

Again I am going to ask if you are interested to subscribe to the blog! You can get a copy in your email when it is published. Also please end us replies, “likes, etc. Show us some love while we are on the road 🙂

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2 thoughts on “4 days to departure!

  1. ken says:

    How many clicks do you plan to average per day, Wes?

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