34 1/2… hours

So today was my last day of work for almost 3 months. I think it started hitting home with everyone taking a minute to say good-bye and wish Julie and I well on this insane journey we are about to embark. Thanks to everyone for that it is nice to know we will be missed 🙂 It is awesome to know that there are people that are really intrerested in reading about 2 crazy people’s trip across this great continent!

At this time I am really nervous. Until I get my butt in the saddle Saturday morning I am going to be a basket case. Pack. Unpack, repack. Stress. Check, double check. I know we have everything, all is under control. 2 years in the planning and literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of research, planning, organizing all coming together into one moment that will last a lifetime. We are weaving the fabric of amazing memories and I feel just like how the first monkey felt who was shot into space 🙂

In advance I appologize to my readers because I feel like as the next day and a half proceeds I may find myself ranting on this blog. Already I cant sit still and have the A-D-D. I probably wont sleep much before departure even though I know I need to leave rested. Hopefully I can get some rest tonight and complete the final prep tomorrow, then take it easy. More likely I will be pacing the floors. Oh well soon all of that nervous energy will go to good use 🙂

Until next time thanks for reading and again if anyone wants to wish us bon voyage, 8am departure, Saturday April 27th, Atwater Market bridge to the Lachine Canal in Montreal. Hope to see you there!!

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3 thoughts on “34 1/2… hours

  1. ken says:

    Hope you will get a departure pic, and post it.

  2. Paula says:

    I agree you should take a departure pic and post it

  3. Louise D. says:


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