Day 1 – Montreal to Louiseville. Total 115 km.

The first day of the trip started at home. After a minimal 6 hour sleep Julie and I sprung into action to complete a few last minute tasks, cleaning, packing and Julie finishing the photo for the previous blog posted.

At 730 we started the process of hauling down all our bags of gear and securing everything to the bikes. Only running a few minutes late we made the trek over to the Atwater market entrance to the Lachine Canal bike path. It was awesome that Michael, Alex and Dylan were there to see us off and take departue photos.


After the photos we said our good byes and Dylan was heading in our direction so we set off together for the first 10ish kilometers. After thet Julie and I continued for an uneventful ride over familiar terrain. With a slight headwind but nice sunshine it was easy going. 30km and we were off the island into ugly Repentegny. Here they dont believe in bike lanes or even space beside the white line so we had to contend with idiots driving  close and fast until we passed that hell hole. From there it was fairly smooth sailing along the 138 for most of the way. Around 1 the wind shifted and in open farmland are we had a south wind that kept trying to push us toward the road. All in all an ok ride until we stopped for a vreak about 20km from our final destinaton.

I noticed that myback tire didnt feel right kinda bouncy. Niting that it needed air I pumped it up and went to sit with julie. As we were ready to leave my tire was soft again. I decided to pump and hope to make it to camp before trying to change or repair the tube. This as a bad plan. I got about 3 km and had to pump again. Another 2 km and flat again. It was time for a highway side tube change. 15 minutes of fighting with it and new tube was in. Go to inflate… wont hold air. My new tire is tight and I must have pinched the tube instaling. Redo with a new tube and this time a success. 40 minutes lost.

We leave and my bike is now wobbly as heck. In all of this I must have knocked my wheel out of true. Tolerating that for 10 km we arrive in Louiseville and Julie pops in for food which gave me time to true my wheel and all was well after.

A short side trip and we arrived at Marina et Camping Louiseville (which technically only opens next week) where we stayed last year, if you see our October 2011 post. The owners here are really nice and let us pitch our tent, gave us access to the common area so we can cook and shower!


We pitched our tent and will soon have some super and an early night before starting again tomorrow. We are looking at about 100km tomorrow leaving us near Portneuf, but that depends on how we feel in the morning 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Montreal to Louiseville. Total 115 km.

  1. Kip says:

    Godspeed and may the rest of your journey be smooth and fun!! 😀

  2. Sheila says:

    The best to you Julie and Wes. Wishing you fun and smooth sailing on the road ahead!

  3. cindy says:

    All the best to the two of you , have fun and stay safe

  4. Chawa says:

    Hooray for departure photos! Double hooray for pretty campsite photos!! I look forward to seeing the next one!

  5. Danielle Bernier says:

    Soooooo proud of you guys!! You made it to your destination eventhough Wesley’s bike gave you a bit of a hard time! Enjoy another sunny day today and take care.

  6. Danielle Bernier says:


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