Gear photo

Often when people hear about our trip they are curious as to what we carry with us. Many people think hat we carry stuff in a backpack which is not the case. On each bike we carry 4 panniers, 2 front and 2 rear each plus one tent on top the back rack.

A big thanks to Julie who put hours and hours of work into illustrating all the stuff we carry for this trip. Below will give you an idea of what we are carrying, which coincidentally totals about 50lbs weight each…


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2 thoughts on “Gear photo

  1. patrickce says:

    That’s a lot of gear!

    • patrickce says:

      You’re ready for anything, which is good. But I reckon eventually you’ll drop some items off so that you can go a little faster and a little more relaxed.

      Ah, it’s bringing back such good memories of my own trip.

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