Day 2 – Louiseville to Sainte Anne de la Pérade. 81 km. Total to date 196km.

Today I woke early, after a restless sleep, to a frosty 2º at 5am. I am not sre if it was the full moon or what but last night seemed to never get dark. I woke at 1am convinced that the sun was rising on a new day. Needless to say that made sleeping tough.  Also going from sharing a king size bed to sharing a small 2 person tent was a big change in routine 🙂 I like space to stretch out when sleeping and my mummy bag gave me the opposite. At least at this campsite there is a warm indoor common area where we cooked and ate last night and warmed up in  prior to departure on Day 2. This is a luxury we might not have often, though the weather will also continue to warm up as we progress.

Today was another beautiful sunny day but really slow moving overall. Struggling with yet another headwind we ended up fighting all day. To make matters worse the roads are true to Quebec form: absolutely terrible. Ehat little shoulder there was is all cracked and destroyed leaving us flirting with the white line and vehicles.

After a long ride to Trois Riveres, 22km to city limit and almost 40 to civilizaton we finally had breakfast. Unfortunately it was on the really low end of mediocre and I ended up regretting not opting for Tim Hortons.

Here is a photo from Trois Rivieres sanctuaire Notre damme du cap.

Back on he road it was more of the same. Julie and I were both considerably sore from the first day so we opted for a shorter day of 80km. This leaves us with a 100 km day to get past Quebec City to the south side of the st-Lawrence in Levis.

So as the day progressed I started looking for open camp sites which proved to be impossible in this area. We opted to stay at an auberge we visited last year, the Auberge du Manoir Dauhe. It is nice and affordable and will allow us to rest for he night. Luckily for tomorrow we founf an open campsite where we are headed so there is no guesswork and much less expensive.

Oh and the nice sunny weather rewarded us with a variety of patchwork sunburns. My nose and chin are bad and I have random patches of burn in my legs and neck.

Sorry for the lack of photos today. Sprawling farmland and rogh highways make poor subjects. I feel like all we saw was barren farmland and about a million motorcycles. Even more than cars without exageration! I imagine it is a weekend cruising thing but will see tomorrow.

For now I must get to bed and hope my muscles repair for tomorrow cause today was tough and I need to adapt to this much cycling day after day..

A photograph of my favorite photographer ♡ taking way better pics than I do 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Louiseville to Sainte Anne de la Pérade. 81 km. Total to date 196km.

  1. kate sutherland says:

    wes & julie – this is amazing – i am very excited to continue reading…wishing you warming weather and an end to dumb motorists! xoxo kate

  2. Danielle Bernier says:

    I’m sure your muscles will adapt in the next few days as well as your sleeping patterns! Enjoy tomorrow, en route to Quebec City.

  3. Dylan Cant says:

    Sounds like you guys living the true camping life! I hope you guys reach a nicer road soon. Hope that problem with your tire is all good now, Wes. Hope today wasn’t too hot for you guys, I got a nasty sunburn, myself.

    Keep on truckin,


  4. patrickce says:

    Keep on truckin’, guys! I’m reading every post and it’s bringing back great memories.

    PS: Always go for the Tim Horton’s option, a donut and a hot drink is a great breakfast for a cycle.

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