Day 3 – Sainte Anne de la Pérade to Levis. 115 km. Total to date 311 km.

After a good night’s coma (havent slept that deeply in years) we got up and packed for an early start. In theory we knew we had about 100km to accomplish today to get to Levis, to the only campground we knew was open. This would usually take 5-6 hours cycling tops.

Today was not to be a usual day though. As soon as we left it was abundantly clear. Still in open farmland area we were immediately treated to a heavy headwind. This as the kind that just about flattens you and turns a 20kmph pace into a 12kmph pace. Realistically I could barely get up to 15kmph, and by the end of a long day was crawling at 8-10kmph. For the non-cyclist think if ever you have tried to run chest deep in a swimming pool… that’s the feeling.


We followed the 138 also known as the Chemin du Roi, which is also the bikeway Route Verte 5. This was our last day on this route as we switched to the south shore of the st Lawrence to the 132. This will now bring us all the way to Riviere du Loup over the next couple of days.


I forgot to mention just how many freakin geese we have seen over the last 3 days. These little honkers are everywhere! I grabbed this shot from he side of the highway of a huge group flying over. The shot probably doesnt do it justice. If you can imagine how loud that was, and there were Vs after Vs of them!


And here is julie being brave in the wind. Oh did I mention it was windy? Just wanted to mention it again. What a brutal day. We ended up on the road for 11 hours battling the wind and rolling hills. Tonight we are in an awful trailer park lot just beside the highway 40 and man it is loud. At least Julie is asleep now and finally warmed up from being frozen to the bone. Oh ya and to top the day off I made pasta for supper fighting that wind again. Everything was ready and I went to strain the pasta (the pot has a lid with holes to do this) and I manage to dump it everywhere. I rinsed it over and over in hot water in the sink and got most of the dirt and grass off it 😦
So now I am going to route a shorter day for tomorrow in hopes that we dont blow away tonight and are able to move tomorrow.

Oh I guess there was one tiny redemption for tonight. We didnt find a depanneur on our way to camp and didnt get any beer for the evenjng. When we got to the reception for the camp site Julie asked offhand if they had any to sell. Luckily they had out 4 in the fridge! We bought 3 of them for $2 each. The downside? COORS F’N LIGHT. If you know me then you know why this is so funny. I am quite the beer snob. Never the less tonight coors light never tasted so good.

Well it’s time for some rest and to dream of a better day tomorrow. If all our readers can do one favor? Take a deep breath, face east (the direction the sun rises) and blow as hard as you can. Lets get this damn wind moving in the direction it is supposed to m’kay?  Thanks 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Sainte Anne de la Pérade to Levis. 115 km. Total to date 311 km.

  1. Ken says:

    Hi you two. Last year I heard someone refer to a headwind as a Prairie hill! Good description.

  2. Denis Q says:

    Hope the weather is cooperating!! xoxo

  3. Chawa says:

    Hahahhahahaha @ “Coors f’ing lite”
    Also, 11 hours of biking. Goodness you guys, you are both amazing athletes!

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