Day 4 – Levis to Saint Jean Port Joli. 84 km. Total to date 395 km.

Today started with an early morning after very little sleep. As I mentioned last night the campgroud was right next to the highway 20. The whole night all I heard was loud traffic, it just never let up. Waking around 5am in disbelief we slowly got started on our day. It was chily but as the sun was raising it warmed a bit for our departure. Here is a pic of the “campground” maybe its just me but trailers dont seem like roughing it. Especially with hig screen tvs and satelite hookups..


It would prove once again to be a slow moving and headwind day. That cold wind ripping from the northeast, just at the right angle off of the st Lawrence, grinding us to a crawl. We had a tough time getting the speedometer over 15kmph. Ideally we need to be around 20kmph to get the longer days in that we have planned.

On the plus side we did get some beautiful views of the St Lawrence from the south side. The mountain ranges to the north are absolutely stunning. I am attaching a pic from a lookout on the way. More after:

We crawled along a steady incline and wind pretty much all day. With sore legs and sore butt there was no hope for momentum. Eventually we got to our destination in Saint Jean Port Joli, which is a really cute port town, very artsy, and it seems like half the businesses are wood carvers, sculptors, and other folk art. Even the food is art like, we had by far the best meal so far from a bakery/pizzeria called Porto Bellisimo. Fresh spinach pasta delicious sauces, and artisan pizza. Worth every penny!

Oh and here is a peek of the view behind the hotel. Once again with no camping available we have to stay in a hotel. We will likely stealth camp for a couple days soon cutting some costs. Also we have a few places to stay in NB so that will help balance our budget.

And at sunset:

So we are off for some rest before attempting a 100km day to Riviere du Loup. Tomorrow is day 5 on the road so we are starting to think about a day off to rest sore muscles and look at the plan moving forward. We willl likely make a few changes to distances and approximate days of arrival. All of the days seem long but it really depends in if we get some wind cooperation and of course the weather.

Oh and almost at our destination I got distracted. It is.probably the love for al things vintage, and the picker jn me but this place stoped me in my tracks..


Here is the scene outside of our rooom this evening. Life on the road is much different and it makes you realize some things you take for granted… like laundry 🙂


Last but not least here is a pic of the crazy travellers:


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3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Levis to Saint Jean Port Joli. 84 km. Total to date 395 km.

  1. Danielle Bernier says:

    You two are awesome!!! Keep it up and enjoy the sceneries…

  2. Denis Q says:

    Nice picture of you two!! Keep it up you are in our thoughts Audrina is just about to roll over! xoxo

  3. Chawa says:

    Love the photos!

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