Day 5 – Saint Jean Port Joli to Riviere du Loup. 92 km. Total to date 487 km.

Today was a bit later of a start due partly to the fact that we had a bed to sprawl in, and I think we were both sore and not convinced we had to bike again.

Things got off to a fairly smooth start, the wind wasnt cripling, and despite being overcast it was relatively warm. Of course because we are cycling and clearly the weather hates us, this wouldnt last. 30 km later we would stop for breakfast at Tim Hoton (yum!) Near la Pocathiere. Once we hit the road again the wind realized we were traveling and had over 60km left, and were headed for a day of rest.

So again we were hit with crushing winds. I thought that the land was open a few days ago but man oh man I had no idea. Below is a pic of the open fields we encountered south of the st Lawrence.


As far as you can see are open fields then mountains. The.wind.tearing from the Northwest is not only fast and furious but frigid. Funnling through the mountains, over the water and unstopped over the fields, crushing us like tiny little bugs. We litetally crawled at 10kmph for over 5 hours to finally get to destination. We met an older cyclist (65 + who bikes 80km per day – awesome!!) when we were on a little break who told us that the winds are strong from the nirtheast until the end of June, then they get 3-4 weeks of 25º weather. Then it gets cold and windy again in August. Cyclists, use this as a cautionary tale and DO NOT underestimate the difficulty of this day.

The route did have some treats for us though. We didnt get oics but every little village had 2 distinct features. At the start and end of every village there was a cross with various inscriptions. Some real history of the early French Catholic settlements. Villages were not complete without a massive and ornate church. These were unbelievably huge, and always the center of town. There.were other great historical pieces, old farm equipment, and windmills:


And Julie and I were both amused by a farm of miniature horses. We took a break and giggled like schoolgirls. They were so tiny looking more like big dogs.


Here is a view as we were approaching Riviere du Loup. Ee were both fed up then we stopped here, then discovered a gorgeous and quiet cottage that cut us past a series of up and down roads. Here is a little panorama with a little Julie.


So we are safe and sound for another day and tomorrow is a day off to rest the tired legs before one final day cycling Quebec then we hit New Brunswick.

Last but not least is the live of my life putting on a brave face near the end of an awful day. Thanks for your perseverance and patience today. There had darn well be better days 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Saint Jean Port Joli to Riviere du Loup. 92 km. Total to date 487 km.

  1. kate sutherland says:

    i love that part of the world – the smell of rotten fresh and semi-salty air…
    keep on truckin’ – i will pray that the Gods of the Wind take a vacation!

  2. Chawa says:

    I so love that panorama shot! The combination of the blue blue sky, ground and lighting differences is very cool!

    Also, your descriptive writing is very fun to read. You’re a great storyteller and I’m happy to be about to catch up on your episodes every weekend! Ride safe!

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