Day 6 – Day off in Riviere du Loup

Today was a well deserved and hard earned day off in Riviere du Loup. Our timing couldn’t have been better either as it was an absolutely freezing cold and rainy day here. The temperature didnt climb much higher than low single digits all day.

We took advantage of the mini laundromat right here in the hotel to properly wash some clothing, especially some cycling gear that needed a good cleaning. Now we will leave with all fresh gear!

The hotel also has a hot tub so we spent some time in there loosening up sore muscles and relaxing a bit. If ever you are in Riviere du Loup nand need a hotel, Hotel Universelle is very nice and there are good online deals to be had. The restaurants are really good here too. There are also some very convenuently located stores around for food, SAQ, restos, etc.

We also spent a bit of time reworking some of the plans for the next couple of weeks cutting down a couple really long days into smaller segments so we have time to enjoy ourselves and travel at a reasonable pace.

Friday we head back on the road for our final full day, ending in Dégelis for the night. We will likely stealth camp as campsites are not open and we cant spend on hotels and the such so often. All we need is a quiet place to tuck into for the night, preferably with access to a washroom and we are all set.

Saturday we cross out of Quebec into New Brunswick, which I am very excited for!

Sorry no photos this time, a day spent in the hotel does nit afford many photo-ops. Tomorrow we are back in the road and should have a more interesting blog 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Day off in Riviere du Loup

  1. Dylan says:

    Nothing like a well-deserved day off.

    Almost out of Quebec! cool. (Will the roads become smoother almost immediately upon leaving??)

    We are all rooting for you (and boo-ing the wind..)

    Keep us posted. Can’t wait for some awesome NB panaroma shots!


    • wesleymccoy says:

      Hey Dylan! Will let you know about the roads tomorrow 🙂 Will keep posting awesome pics as we hit NB tomorrow!
      Take care and happy badminton Friday!

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