Day 7 – Riviere du Loup to Dégelis. 105 km . Total to date 592 km.

Today started early with the sun peeking through a crack in the curtains well before 5 am. We are noticing already a big difference in the daylight hours compared to Montreal. Soon enough we will be going through our first time zone change!

The eary start came after a restless night of sleep again. I ended up tossing and turning quite a bit and had “busy dreams” where it felt like I had to keep doing things or fixing things or the such. Not sure if that makes sense but if you get the same you know exactly what I mean.

The day started off with a considerable climb out of Riviere du Loup just to get to the start of the Route Verte 8 bike path. It was a real workout with fully loaded bikes and by the time we made it over the hills I was overheating despite the 2º morning.

So we forged ahead on the route verte 8, which turned iut to bbe a packed crush stone path. These are notoriously dificult for touring bikes because of the extra weight and skinny tires. Couple that with spring conditions on the path, so it was really soft and loose stones, and it was very slow going. We were rolling at about 9-10kmph. Not good. The redeming factor was the natural scenery. It was beautiful!

It wasnt ling before we made a final decision to get off ths path and on to the highway. A big part of that decision? Snow. On the path!


So we eventually found a driveway that led to the highway vut of course at the end was a locked fence. There was a tiny.way around it but meant fighting the bikes through a bush and over a rock. As you can imagine I was thoroughly pleased. To top it off I must have grabbed my seat wrong and managed to pull the top off the rails. At least we always carry duct tape and it proved worth it once again.

So finally on the highway and I neglected to mention but this whole area is rolling hills. We had some major work over the whole day with some real climbs. In all we climbed 890 meters and descended 806 meters. There were some crazy fast downhils too and I hit over 50kmph more than once. The biggest stress overall was a few construction sites and constant transports passing by. The drivers in the trucks were great though leaving us lots of room. We were treated to some magnificent mountain views today.

Oh and I couldn’t help grab a pic of this sign for obvious reasons:

The biggest nuisance of the day was construction. For the most part it meant being rsally careful and riding slowly. We ended up going into Dégelis for supies hoping to get back on to the trail and stealth camp. Of course there was a series of detours that vrought us to a sand covered path that we had to walk, then sent us kn a 5km detour on a loose gravel path that we could barely bike. I kept feeling like it was a bad joke. We bitched and cursed the road and eventually it fed us right back beside the highway we got off. At this point hungry and tired, we were looking for a good spot to set up for ths night. I told Julie that I was daydreaming all day about a spot near a quiet lake with access to a washroom and picknik table. I wws giving up hope when I spotted a bunch of tables. Well lo and behold we were pulling up on a rest stop with washrooms, tables, and a spot where we could stealthily set up a tent. Even better? Right next to a beautiful lake where as I write I can hear frogs chirping. The universe gave me the spot I was hoping for! Here are some oics of our little camp site:




It was funny because I felt like the evening had passed fast then I realized we are only a few kilometers from New Brunswick. My phone must have decided to switch time zones so we are now officially on Atlantic time, 1 hour ahead of EST. Tomorrow morning we will hit the NB border and start our 2nd province.

One kore pic of a hitchhiker I picked up along the way (a little ladybug in my back):

Thanks again for reading and to those who like the posts and comment. It is nice to hear from friends and to know people are enjoying reading about our adventure!

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8 thoughts on “Day 7 – Riviere du Loup to Dégelis. 105 km . Total to date 592 km.

  1. Danielle Bernier says:

    Wow, vive les routes du Québec!!! Too bad you’re not biking in the States… Enjoy your route to NB and enjoy a bed & a shower at my mom’s place on Saturday night!!! I’ll call you in the evening…

  2. Paul Tingley says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying these updates! Great pics! Keep on truckin’ Wes and you two be safe out there!!

  3. Elissia Matthews says:

    You guys are an inspiration….I bike for a bit and my ass is sore.
    Keep going and having fun along the way!!

  4. Paula says:

    I am enjoying reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing

  5. Louise D. says:

    ROCK ON GUYS!!! The lady bug is supposed to bring you good luck! Happy trails peeps!

  6. Chawa says:

    Holy elevation change Batman! And I’m very happy to read how the Universe rewarded you for your efforts today.

  7. Nuno says:

    Hi Julie and Wes

    It’s been lots of fun reading the blog each day. I look forward each day to a new one. Despite all the headaches of wind and road, it seems to me you are getting an amazing view of our country’s landscape. Great job so far. Keep up the great work. And better luck with road and winds in the future days 🙂

    Nuno and Joelle

  8. kate sutherland says:

    can’t thing of a better feeling than finding the camp site you were wishing for!
    weather is much warmer here to day – hopefully you are feeling a bit of that too/

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