Day 10 – Hartland to Woodstock. 44km. Total to date 830 km.

As promissed in yesterday’s blog here are a couple pics of the world’s longest covered bridge!


Today is one of those days that proves no matter how much or well you plan, the day has a different plan for you. After planning and replanning the route today we left feeling confident of having a good route to Fredericton. As it would have it Google maps sent us on a comolete dead end. Picture following a regional road waaay uphill for almost 20 km, just to have the road unceremoniously END. But not just end… it turned into an ATV path. Well not one to back down from a chalenge I recheck my map and determine that path has to end up at another road. We follow this path, strewn with shell casings, and with what looks like old garbage dumps in the woods for a kilometer. We are just about to where it should come ot on the next regional road and BAM. Flooded. No way around. We ended up hwving to turn around and go back to within 3 km of our starting point. 25 km later and it’s almost noon. At that point I made the executive decision to just bike about 20km to get to Woodstock. Here is a pic from the peak of our pointless climb:

So on tired legs and bad mood we struggled through hilly and windy terrain to get to Woodstock. To make matters worse in this are no one seems to tie up their dogs, not all anyway… so we pass this place and I see one big F’n dog (tied thankfully) that went ape and ran to the end of his chain freaking out at me. What I didnt see is this little bastard of a dog with him not tied. Well if he didnt take after me, and this little bugger was fast! To make matters worse he was keeping right up with me and taking snaps at my legs. I was yelling at him and keept pushing left to not get bit, putting me right into the lane. I was so busy fending off attack that I had no idea that a suv was coming up behind me. The drivers honked and finally the dog backed off of me and I got out of the lane. At least the driver saw what was going on and I avoided getting bit or hit.

Here is a view from the bridge to Woodstock:

After a bit more weird terrain we finally made it to Woodstock and went out for a good lunch and beers (happy birthday to me!!). Aftet that we retired to a bed and breakfast (camp sites still not open) and went for a bit of a nap. The B&B is a nicely restored home and the owner is quite nice. He is very protective of the place and it iinda gives a bit of unwelcome feeling. A note in the room mentions a $25 fine if you bring in and eat outside food like pizza, etc?? I get it but strikes me as weird still. In any case all I need right now is some rest and yope like heck my muscles are ready for tomorrow. I am running on exhausted and nursing a sore knee. Still 3 days from a full day off gotta be tough and hope for the best!!


Here is a shot of me in my awesome Pink Floyd jersey Julie bought me. Been saving it for a special occasion 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Hartland to Woodstock. 44km. Total to date 830 km.

  1. Elissia Matthews says:

    Never a dull moment….even with all you’ve been through, you’re both an inspiration!!!!

  2. Chawa says:

    That jersey rocks!

  3. Danielle Bernier says:

    What adventures!!

  4. Ray C says:

    LOL re: “little bastard of a dog”. That line had me laughing out loud all day!!! 🙂

    Take heart with the misfortunes — it all makes for better stories when the trip is done!

    And yeah, where can I get me one of those Floyd jerseys? Nice!

  5. Johanne Cote says:

    Love the jersey. Love the way you described the dog adventure. It gave me quite the visual. I know you will stay positive. It’s nice that you have each other to stay motivated and to provide encouragement. Keep on rolling.

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