Day 11 – Woodstock to Fredericton. 120 km. Total to date 950 km.

Here is the information board outside out b&b in Woodstock:


Today started with breakfast at the b&b. Our host made a fresh fruit plate then eggs Benedict. I am not sure if it is because I am fussy, or the ones I make are infinitely better, but they just didnt cut it. Probably a big part due to the use of processed cheese; Kraft singles. I am prob spoiled but I like real cheese and I am appalled at how many times I have been stuck eating fake cheese since we left…

Anyhow today was another hot and sunny day in New Brunswick. The hills were still hilly and the wind was still windy. Not much one can do about that.

After a half day of rest we were feeling a bit more optimistic about our day and tthe trip in general. After some advice from the owner of the b&b we headed out for a long haul following the 105 once again. Julie and I noticed for the first time really how green the trees were getting. Looking at pics from a week ago all the trees just look like twig bushes. Now all the trees are openjng their leaves and coincidentally sending my allergies into overdrive.  Here is a pic of the greening of the hills:


So as I mentioned it was a long ride today,  rounding out at 120km. This is our longest dsy so far and I have to say I am really feeling it. My knee started aching a couple days ago and is really sore tonight. I am hopeful it is just from exertion,  and not cause it plans to blow out. That wouldnt be cool!

As a result of the dsy I didnt take many photos, partly cause we were trying to get where we were headed and partly because everything looks the same as it has for a few days. Kinda looking forward to a new type of scenery soon. That and less rolling hills…

At one point we were grinded out by hills and starving so we had a break for snacks. This was another of many days that we were in such remote areas that we didnt havea real meal until supper time. Here is a shot of Julie relaxing for a few minutes from the road:


We finally arrived in the Fredericton area but sadly at rush hour, so we had to bike very carefully in traffic. It is probably the route we followed but sadly didnt see much scenery. Also a big problem with long days is you run out of time to be a tourist.  We left at 9 am, and arrived at almost 7pm to our hosts place (thanks Mike and Ashley!). By the time we tok a quick shower and ate it was past 9pm. Very long days indeed!

So tomorrow we get back to the grind and go halfway to Moncton. Stil not 100% sure of the route, I wouldnt be against a shorter day tomorrow then a push to Moncton Thursday with a day off cued up Friday.

Oh and here is a sign that I couldn’t stop laughing about. How are the poor deer supposed to feel if they see these signs making fun of their intelect?


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2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Woodstock to Fredericton. 120 km. Total to date 950 km.

  1. kate sutherland says:

    Kraft slices on Eggs Benedict? Blasphemy.
    Actually – I secretly like (not love) Kraft slices in the right setting – but don’t tell anyone.
    Glad your weather is better and I’m sending out positive vibes to keep Wes’ knees strong!

  2. Louise D. says:

    Slow Deer…HAHA!!! Troopers you are. That indeed. ( Do that in a Yoda voice of course.)

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