Day 12 – Fredericton to Sussex area. 120 km total to date 1070 km

Last night we camped out in Mike and Ashley’s yard in Fredericton (thanks again!) And got off to bed early. I fell asleep rather well but it didnt really last long. There was a lot of noise in the neighborhood and I think my mind stayed awake all night.

In the morning we packed up and finally had a few minutes to catch up with our host and hostess as we were packing up the bikes. It was nice to see them again and I just wish we had more time to hswng out and chat. Alas we had a long day ahead and had to hit the road.

The first part of the day was really smooth as we were following the river for the final time. The road as really flat, very quiet and smooth. We made really good time through some really interesting terrain. At one point I had not noticed but Julie shouted up to me to look at the eagle! Well there it was perched high on a tree in the middle of a swamp. I still cant get over how huge eagles are. I got a pic but heavily zoomed in and could not really capture him as I wanted. Here is what I got…

And here is a peak at that swampy area, very fascinating:

Unfortunately just after that area our day would start going downhill. Figuratively of course cause from that point we were back in rolling hills. Rolling might be generous… hilly as hell is a bit closer. It just seemed to get worse and worse as we continued. On route 10 we encountered hills that just kept going and going up, and not down. We got a few downs but in all some major climbs.

So I already mentioned the eagle but we saw some other really cool wildlife, which eluded photos of course. At one point I turned the corner and about 100 meters ahead a bear was crossing the road. My guess is it was about a year old give or take. We stopped to let it cross and make sure there were no other bears waiting to cross šŸ™‚
A bit further ahead we saw a fox cross who then stopped just off the side of the road so we got another look!
And roadkill. Man so much roadkill. Stangely enough 80% of it was porcupines. I was really surprised to see so many, not something you see so much in Quebec.

So today was a long day again, 2nd day of 120km. Today we hit a milestone too! We broke our first 1000km!! Hard to believe we hit that already, but we have been rolling for almost 2 weeks.

Tomorrow we have a short day to Moncton then a day off Friday. Apparently it is supposed to rain a bit the next few days. We have been fortunate so far weatherwise so I really can’t complain.

Another awesome thing in the area is the cool antique stores. We dont stop to go in cause I would want everything. Makes me wish we had a van šŸ™‚ we did stop to use a washroom at a resto / bakey / antique store. I couldn’t get over place, such cool antiques and a 57 chevy, parked right there in the store. I should have grabbed a photo!
Here is a different antique shop, we pass tons of them!

For now I need some sleep and hope that my muscles repair quickly for one final day before a break. My poor knee is really creaky today šŸ˜¦

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2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Fredericton to Sussex area. 120 km total to date 1070 km

  1. Denis Q says:

    You should have let us come with you! We could have housed all the antiques for you guys!! xoxo

  2. Madee says:

    Well love to be there .Be safe .

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