Day 13 – Sussex area to Moncton. 82 km. Total to date 1152 km.

Just a short blog for today as I am tired sore and lacking brain power to write too much.

For the most part today was a relatively easy day. We decided to take a later start as we knew it was to be a short day of 80km compared to bigger days lately. Julie and I have both been wanting to sleep in and today we got to for a bit. We then had breakfast and departed at our leisure.

Here is a view of the green pastures we were following for the first part of our day:

Today we certainly saw less hills than we have recently. Even for a bit we had something of a tailwind for a bit, that is until we got close to Moncton and had to battle with a strong crosswind that wanted to feed us into traffic.

Tonight we are staying with Mark and Cat in Moncton who are great hosts! They even prepared us supper, vegi burgers (awesome thanks guys!!) And Mark even mowed the lawns sk we would have a nice space to camp 🙂

Tomorrow we are taking the day off to get a few things done and hopefully relax a bit. I still need to replace my broken seat from day 8. The duct tape has held up but my seat has no cushion anymore.

Sorry there are not much photos today, we passed lots of wooded.areas today so not much opportunity for good shots. More pics soon I promise!

We are replanning a few aspects of the trip due to time constraints, and also monitoring both our physical conditions closely. My knee is being a jerk so will have to see how that plays out over the next few days..

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3 thoughts on “Day 13 – Sussex area to Moncton. 82 km. Total to date 1152 km.

  1. kate sutherland says:

    Whoever designed the knee joint should have revised the design before sending it in for final production.
    Your blogs are awesome – keep them coming!

  2. Danielle Bernier says:

    The picture looks like the view from my mom’s place!! No cushion on your seat… how uncomfortable!! Take care of your knee et “bonne route” in the next few days.

  3. Chawa says:

    I’m glad you’ve planned to re-plan the trip to account for how your poor muscles and joints are feeling. Take care of yourselves so you can do another amazing journey like this again!

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