Day 14 – Day off in Moncton.

We took Friday off in Moncton to rest sore muscles and aching knees. Set up to camp with our hosts Cat, Mark and Austin we had a place to stay and some cool people to hang out with.

Julie and I went for a couple of walks to get the muscles stretching  but my knee was aching pretty bad. I walked with a limp all day. Clearly there is something not right going on with my knee 😦

After a nice supper date we got to meet a few people that I have only chatted with on facebook. It is really cool to out a face, voice, and have real contact with people you have only interacted with online.

Oh and after a really dry start to the trip it finally rained on Friday. When we were out for supper it started spitting a bit. When we left it decided to open up. We tucked into a grocery store for shelter. Luckily I remembered MY sweater… so JULIE was nice and warm 😉
And of course we left and the rain had stopped… until we were half way back and the sky opened up on us. By the time we got back I was soaked to the bone. There was nothing at all dry on me. Nothing…

Oh well a day off is a day off right? 🙂


One thought on “Day 14 – Day off in Moncton.

  1. ken says:

    I know what you mean about relating to people online. I moderated a chat site once and I related to people who were only logging in under a nick, and often it was an ‘asexual’ nick. I was chatting with people whom I had no idea whether they were male or female. Didn’t mind it a bit. Hope your knee smartens up, Wesley. Looking forward to hosting you here in the sunny Okanagan (although weather can be a bit iffy in June). Cheers.

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