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Day 8 – D├ęgelis, QC to Drummond, NB. 90 km. Total to date 682 km.

Well I must appologize this is going to be short. I just wrote a ling blog and something screwed up and my phone ate everything, no waved draft so starting over…

Today we got off to a late start. Partly due to the change in time and the frosty morning we had several delays. When we got up the inside of our tent tarp was covered in ice as was our bikes. Tsking time to let everything thaw and dry off the tent meant we left after 930.

Taking only a very short time we got to the QC & NB border. I was a bit disappointed with the NB sign, as the Quebec side had a grandiose diaplay and New Brunswick lookal like a cheap billboard.


Nevertheless we were both excited to croas our first provincial border and time zone!

Cycling went smoothly today especially once we got off the trans Canada highway and on to the 144. This gave us some great views and some reprieve from vehicles whipping past and loud transports.

Once again we were in rolling hills albeit less than the day before, so we made great time. Here is a panorama to give you an idea of our views today:


Once we arrived in Grand Falls we contacted our host for the night (thanks for the contact Danielle, you mom is a great host and really sweet) who
came to guide us back to her place. The bit hills here are much faster by
car but she made strategic stops to make sure we didnt get lost.

After a shower and some food we even got a tour of Grand Falls where I got a couple pics of the falls:



What I really found interestint is this area has kilometers and kilometers of potato fields for McCain foods. I have likely had fries that came from here without knowing! Behind ou hosts house these span out for as far as the eye can see. I didnt get a shot but will tomorrow. Here is a sunset shot from the same spot though:

So tomorrow will bring us another 100km to Hatland, which is halfway to Fredericton from here. Hopefully we can find a good place to stay!

Thanks again for reading our blog! I really do appreciate all the comments even if I havent had time to reply to all of them.

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