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Day 15 – Moncton, NB to Borden, PEI. 115 km. Total to date: 1267 km.

This morning started as a rainy then a misty day. Packing in the mist and rain was interesting to say the least, then departing in it was tough. After saying goodbye to Mark and Austin we hit the road. After a short jaunt through Moncton we caught our route north toward Shediac. The route was fairly flat compared to recent days and we made good time to Shediac for a buffet lunch! Pasta and pizza buffet was awesome and 2 hungry cyclists sure did some damage there 🙂
Oh and Shediac is hoome to the world’s largest lobster! See the pics:



Back on the road we had a long and rather uninteresting stretch of highway toward PEI. We did get few good views but overall I felt like I just focused on the pavement the whole day.
My knee started as sore and got worse and worse all day. Hills were hard but I was able to use my other leg. All was ok until we hit some rough roads and I took some really rough bumps. That just set up my knee for some grinding pain that would last the rest of the day.
After what felt like forever we started seeing the crazy long bridge to PEI. After a ling approach we got to the route to the bridge. Now it is important to note that you cannot walk or bike across the 13km bridge. You have to exit and catch the shuttle across. When we arrived someone had already paged the shuttle and it took no time for them to arrive to transport us across the bridge. Here is a pic:

Oh and remember my wonky seat that I had yet to replace? Well luckily Mark lent me one before leaving Moncton. Damn good thing cause look what happened 10 km from PEI..

Broken rail!!!

So with my knee in a bad state I am stuck making the decision to listen to my body. My knee is really aching and pushing it hard is going to result in a bad situation. It is looking inevitable that we are going to have to postpone the rest of the trip for the time being. Tomorrow is another day and we are heading to Charlottetown. With my knee as it has been today and the last several days we are taking a few days to evaluate the situation.

For now I need some sleep to process my thought and elevate my leg. Will be back with another blog 🙂

So excited to be in PEI!

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