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Day 16 – Borden-Carelton, PEI to Charlottetown. Total 50km. Total to date 1317 km.

This morning we awoke to windy and rainy conditions in PEI. Suffice it to say that they stayed that way for the entire day.

In really short today was brutal and by far our worst day of cycling yet. My knee was in constant agony and there was no way PEI was planning to take it easy on me. With the hills and wet pavement it was very slow moving. With the insane winds it was a fight to stay in the side of the road or to maintain any semblance of momentum.

My knee was in such a bad state that I ended up walking several hills that I should be able to cycle without problems. The issue now is with my right knee sore (which is my lead leg)  I am having to rely on my left leg to do 80% of the work. This is of course not sustainable.

I did manage to grab a photo of the confederation bridge as we got a view early in the morning:


Also notice how angry the sky looks…

So Julie and I spent some time discussing my knee situaton the last few days. You may or may not know that last year on  a 2 week trip Julie had similar knee issues, and on the 2nd to last day her knee entirely gave out. A dislocated kneecap, 2 weeks of barely being able to move, 6 weeks of physio, and almost 2 months of the.summer she couldn’t cycle. All of this to say that I am worried that I am bordering on exactly that.

As Julie and I have said from the getgo is we have to listen to our bodies, and that health is the most important priority for our trip. For these reasons we are making the very sad and difficult decision to postpone the remainder of the trip for the time being. One day we plan to tackle the West Coast, but in current state it is not wise.

We will be taking a couple days in Charlottetown to prepare to fly home and drop off our stuff. Then we plan to vanish for a couple of weeks and fall off the grid. We need a vacation to process all of this and to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

This will likely be the last blog post for a while. I may start a new blog for our cycling and other adventures, as I am really enjoying writing and sharing photos and fun.

Thanks to everyone who replied to the blogs and on facebook. We really enjoyed hearing from you, getting your well wishes, and support 🙂

Here is a big cheers to all of you out there!!


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